Summer Sidewalk Fun – Toddlers to Teens

Appropriate for: Toddlers up; younger children may need additional supervision

Skills developed: Personal expression, material and color exploration, fine motor

What you’ll need: Sidewalk or cement, sidewalk chalk, stencils, water for clean-up

Summer is the time to take advantage of outdoor play. Drawing on the sidewalk is a fun summer activity that encourages creativity. You could have each child lie down on the sidewalk and trace their body and let them fill it in with colors. You could have them draw their clothes, hair and features, or how they are feeling. You can make or buy stencils and let them color various pictures on the sidewalk. Older children may enjoy using Spirographs to create intricate designs. The best thing about sidewalk drawings is that the mess is easy to clean up. You can use water and hoses or just wait for it to rain before remaking more masterpieces. It is important to provide close supervision to keep children safe from vehicles. Outdoor play provides a way for children to increase sensory and physical development and improve health right from the start.

Be sure to talk about all the sights, sounds, colors, textures and feelings your child is experiencing as you build happy summertime memories.