Summer Sidewalk Chalk– Recipe

Appropriate for: toddlers up; younger children may need additional supervision

Skills developed: Measuring, stirring, color exploration, fine motor

What you’ll need: Plaster of Paris, water, tempera paint liquid or powder, plastic spoon, container to mix in, molds/cookie cutters, paper towel tubes cut in 4 pcs.

Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk is part of summer fun! This recipe makes drawing on the sidewalk less expensive, adds to the fun, and even little ones can help!

1. Mix 1¼ cup plaster of paris and ½ cup water together. Use disposable spoon and bowl. Do not put down drains! Mixture will be thick. If it is too thin, add more plaster, if it is too thick (cannot mix it), add more water.

2. Add paint (about two spoons full), more or less depending on how brightly colored you want the chalk. Mix thoroughly and quickly spoon mixture into molds/cutters that you are using; as it hardens fast. When chalk is mostly dry pop it out of the molds and continue to let it dry completely. Enjoy!