SMASH or Junk Journal

What do you need: paper, glue, magazines, photos, material and found objects

A Smash or Junk Journal is an inexpensive art project that is good for beginners as it can be fun for all artistic abilities. Children can combine pictures and found objects instead of having to make their own drawings or paintings. Children that are more confident in their artistic and writing abilities can combine elements of their own drawings or paintings and writings into their journal. Children can be supported in their journal making by reassuring them that they are making use of “junk” that has meaning to them and just “smashing” it together to create a one of a kind journal. Children can learn about color, space, balance, contrast and composition as they smash their creations together. Their designs can be composed of solid-color papers, cardboard, photographic images, material, found objects and drawings,  paintings, poems, lists, ticket stubs, cards and letters the children may have already produced and can include just about anything they can imagine and get to stick. Make sure the base of the journal will support the weight of the materials being glued on. Bind with string or use notebook rings or any other method that you can think of.


The COAD lending library is a great resource for art ideas