Practical, Comfy Clothes Are A Must

Child care providers and teachers everywhere beg you to dress your kids for play and not for cuteness when attending child care or school! Whether or not there is a school dress code, kids need to wear functional, practical, comfortable and dirt-friendly attire. Play clothes that are easy to put on and take off encourage mobility for easy running and play times, independence in the bathroom (many kids simply can’t snap those jeans or get overalls off in time), and freedom to draw, paint, and, gosh, be a kid!

With the winter months upon us, please remember to dress your child in layers so that they are comfortable while inside but also warm enough when they go outside. Appropriate jackets, boots, hats and gloves should also be sent to child care with your child. Child Care providers will take children out on a daily basis as long as there is not active precipitation or weather advisory. To keep children safe and healthy dress your child according to the weather not by fashion.

If you do not have the appropriate clothes for your child to wear outside, check with your child care center to see if they have any extra clothing articles available for your child to use while in care.