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1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Offers page after page of try-it-now solutions that have worked for thousands of children grappling with social, sensory, behavioral, and self-care issues and many more.

1001 Great Ideas
Ideas for teaching and raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A Guide to Culturally Sensitive Care
From PITC/WestEd.

A Place for Me: Including Children with Special Needs in Early Care and Education Setting
Deals with personal and negative feelings, assisting children, preparing the environment, and working with parents.

Activity Schedules for Children With Autism
Teaching independent behavior.

ADHD A Complete and Authoritative Guide
A must have resource for parents who want the best advice for themselves and the best results for their children.

ADHD in the Young Child
This book covers a wide variety of topics relating to ADHD.

Adapted Games and Activities: From Tag to Team Building
More than 80 fun games and activities to enhance success while challenging children with cognitive disabilities to think and use their physical abilities.

Adapting Early Childhood Curricula For Children with Special Needs
A valuable, comprehensive guide to developing curricula for mainstreaming preschoolers. To help teachers prepare to work with children with special needs and to work with their families.

The Affective Curriculum
Teaching the anti-bias approach to young children.

African American History
A kid’s guide to more than 70 activities.

All Kids Count
Child Care and the American with Disabilities Act.

Alphabet Soup
An index of disability-related acronyms

Amazing African-American History
Discover ancient African civilizations, explore the devastating Middle Passage, and see the famous March on Washington.

Amazing Mayan Inventions You Can Build Yourself
School agers will have fun designing a burial mask, making hot chocolate, playing the board game “Bul”, creating a cornhusk hat, and crafting their own loom and cloth. This book guides you through the process.

American Folk Art for Kids
21 activities.

Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors
An activity guide.

Anti-Bias Curriculum
Shows adults how to stand up for what’s right and how to empower children so they can too.

Anti-Bias Curriculum: Tools for Empowering Young Children
Practical ideas for explaining culture, gender, racial differences, and answering difficult questions.

Attention Deficit Disorder
An overview of ADD including a description of what ADD is, famous people with ADD, and methods of coping with distractibility, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and procrastination.

The Attention Zone
A parents’ guide to ADHD

Autism: Reaching for a brighter future
These guidelines offer basic concepts in providing supports for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder/Pervasive Developmental Disorder (ASD/PDD) and are intended to serve as a tool to help families, educators, medical professionals, care providers, a

The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories, and Fingerplays
Over 450 rhymes, songs, and stories in English and Spanish.

Best Best Colors/Los Mejores Colores
This children’s picture book explores color and features text in both English and Spanish.

Beyond Differences & Diagnoses
The Celebration of Inclusion for All Children-This resource shows how to include everyone in play activities, including those with special needs

Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs
This manual offers strategies for teaching children with special needs, fitting activities to individual needs, and working on a child’s goals

Celebrating Diversity with Art
Celebrate special holidays, events, and issues all throughout the year. Each month highlights a special theme and activities are intended to actively involve the participants and deepen their understanding of the special theme. Grades 3–6.

Children With Special Needs in Early Childhood Settings
Identification, intervention and inclusion.

Children with Disabilities
Offers extensive coverage of crucial developmental, clinical, educational, family, and intervention issues.

Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Settings
A handbook of fundamental skills and knowledge for educators concerned with early intervention.

Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Settings: Identification, Intervention and Mainstreaming
An easy-to-use, accurate reference that helps identify and plan intervention for children with special needs.

Classical Kids
An activity guide to life in Ancient Greece and Rome

Colonial Kids
An activity guide to life in the New World.

Common Psychological Disorders in Young Children
Much progress has been made in the understanding and treatment of mental illness. This book is geared to the needs of providers.

Crafts of Many Cultures
30 authentic craft projects from around the world.

Create a Culture
A complete framework for students to use in creating an original culture.

The best crafts and activities from many lands.

Creative Play Activities for Children with Disabilities
A practical book of ideas that providers will enjoy trying with their children who are differently abled. The 250 activities will help children with disabilities.

Creative Play Activities for Children with Disabilities
A practical book of 250 ideas that providers will enjoy trying with their children who are differently-abled

Cultural Awareness for Children
Simple yet exciting activities, written from practical experiences, designed to give children their first contact with the customs of other cultures.

Cultural Diversity Through Literature: Developing Children’s Awareness
This resource shows how to use literature to develop cultural awareness in children.

Daredevils & Daydreamers
Summarizes what we’ve learned since ADHD became part of our vocabulary, and explains how you can use this information to help your child.

Days of Knights and Damsels
An activity guide.

Designing Early Literacy Programs
Strategies for at-risk preschool and kindergarten children

Developing Cross-Cultural Competence
A guide for working with young children and their families.

Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working with Young Children and Their Families
This book helps you understand the issues that arise when working with diverse cultures.

Developing Roots & Wings
A trainers guide to affirming culture in early childhood programs. Become an accomplished trainer in multi-cultural education for young children with this comprehensive manual.

Difference in the Family: Living with a Disabled Child
A chronicle of the grief, rage, and guilt everyone in a family suffers and the adjustments each makes to accommodate the disabled child.

Doing the Right Thing
Ethical development across diverse environments

Driven to Distraction
Recognizing and coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from childhood to adulthood.

Early Childhood Special Education-0 to 8 Years
This book presents disability characteristics, assessment practices, and easy-to-implement interventions for inclusive and special education settings.

Early Childhood Special Education-0 to 8 Years
Discover strategies for positive outcomes.

EC-SPEED Early Childhood Special Education Program Design and Evaluation Guide
Framework for designing and evaluating early childhood special education programs.

Empower ADHD Kids
Practical strategies to assist ADHD children in developing learning and social competencies.

Exceptional Child: Mainstreaming in Early Childhood Education
Provides the knowledge and skills that early childhood teachers need to meet the legislation that requires all states to serve all developmentally delayed and disabled preschoolers.

Friends From Around The World
Early learning activities that teach global and self-awareness. Activities to encourage children to become friends with people from around the world. Patterns to duplicate and enlarge will enhance classroom décor.

Functional Behavior Assessment for People with Autism
Making sense of seemingly senseless behavior.

Multicultural resources for young children.

Handbook of American Indian Games
A varied collection of 150 spirited, entertaining and easy-to-play games once played by Indian tribes across America.

Hands Around the World
365 creative ways to build cultural awareness & global respect

Helping Children & Youth with ADD Succeed in After School Programs
This book offers a clear picture of what to expect from children with Attention Deficit Disorder, then offers strategies and techniques for helping these children have successful experiences in the after school program.

Helping Children and Youth with ADD Succeed in After-School Programs
This guide is designed to help program staff explore and understand the influencing factors and characteristics of children with ADD.

Helping Hyperactive Kids- A Sensory Integration Approach
A drug-free, child-friendly therapy for hyperacticity.

How Culture Shapes Social-Emotional Development
Examines how culture shapes children’s fundamental learning about themselves, their emotions and their way of interacting and relating to others.

How to Make Drums, Tom Toms, and Rattles
Complete, thorough directions for making various drums, as well as drum related articles such as drumsticks and many different kinds of rattles.

I Belong: Active Learning for Children with Special Needs
Strategies for teachers in inclusive and self-contained preschool settings.

I Can’t Sit Still
Educating and affirming inattentive and hyperactive children. Protect and enhance the self-esteem of children with ADHD with this practical and supportive guide.

I See What You Mean
Resource for teachers who believe that literacy is more than reading stories

If Your Child Is Hyperactive, Inattentive, Impulsive… Helping the ADD/Hyperactive Child
A practical program for changing your child’s behavior with and without medication.

Including All of Us
An early childhood curriculum about disability.

Including One, Including All
A guide to relationship-based early childhood inclusion.

Inclusive Classroom
Get the answers to the questions and concerns about inclusion. The book is organized by the most often asked questions on this topic

The Inclusive Learning Center Book
Bring inclusion fully into your classroom. An absolute resource book for teachers, includes learning center adaptations, letters to parents, environment layouts, activities and literacy connections.

The Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom
Easy ways to adapt learning centers for all children including children with special needs.

Infant Toddler Caregiving: A Guide to Culturally Sensitive Care
Focuses on helping caregivers understand how they are influenced by their own cultural beliefs and to raise awareness of the vital role of children’s home culture and language.

Keepers of the Earth
A collection of Indian stories full of fun and intrigue, gathered from throughout the North American continent, includes tales, lessons of Earth and Sky, as well as Native American cultures.

Keepers of the Earth: Teacher’s Guide
This teacher’s guide is a complement to Keepers of the Earth and fleshes out the information provided in the “Introduction” and “Part I.”

The Kids Multicultural Art Book
Art & craft experiences from around the world.

Lessons from Turtle Island: Native Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms
(School-Age Book). This award winning book is the first complete guide which explores Native American issues openly and honestly with children.

Lessons in Tolerance and Diversity
Gives the tools for older children to help reduce racial, religious, ethnic, and social prejudice and to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity.

Managing Asthma in Ohio Child Care Facilities
This information was designed to offer educational information on asthma to child care professionals and parents. Also included are asthma guidelines to support children with asthma in the child care setting.

Math Games & Activities from Around the World
Multicultural fun for ages 9 and up.

Maybe You Know My Kid
Well-researched but personal book deals with ADHD issues from birth to adult-hood. Discusses self-esteem management, behavior, useful summary lists, behavior charts & IEP guidelines.

Maybe You Know My Kid
A parents’ guide to identifying, understanding, and helping your child with ADHD.

Mexico & Central America
A fiesta of cultures, crafts, and activities for ages 8-12.

More Alike Than Different: Including Children with Special Needs in SACC Setting
This manual is designed to help bring more understanding and resources to the challenge of integrating children with special needs in school-age programs.

More Than Moccasins
A kid’s activity guide to traditional North American Indian life.

Mother & Child
Visions of parenting from indigenous cultures

Multi-Cultural Issues in Child Care
Designed to increase caregiver sensitivity to different cultural child care practices and values and improve communication between caregivers and parents.

The Multicultural Game Book
More than 70 traditional games from 30 countries.

Multicultural Games 75 Games from 43 Cultures
Provides ideas and strategies that will help your students develop an awareness of and appreciation for other cultures while enjoying physical activity.

Multicultural Play
Plays with help you jump-start your students’ imagination as they learn about and gain respect for different world cultures.

Multicultural Plays
This book features 6 plays under thirty minutes in length and offers opportunities for many children to have a speaking part.

Multiple Intelligences After-School Environments
This book demonstrates how by understanding the theory of multiple intelligences, adults working in child-centered environments can keep all children in mind.

My Child Has Autism—What Parents Need To Know
Explains autism in simple terms, discusses the major characteristics associated with autism and offers simple strategies for helping children with autism function in their homes, at school and in the community.

Native American Cultures
An information-based, independent unit that focuses on cultural aspects of native people before the intrusion of Europeans.

New Directions for Youth Development – Doing the Right Thing
Ethical development across diverse environments. Readers will certainly find material here that will help them in their work with youth.

Old Testament Days
An activity guide.

The Out-of-Sync Child
Recognizing and coping with sensory processing disorder.

The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun
Activities for kids with sensory processing disorder

Place for Me
Deals with personal and negative feelings, assisting children, preparing the environment, and working with parents.

Roots and Wings
A practical guide for implementing multi-cultural education in your program. Over 60 hands-on activities for enhancing the understanding and acceptance of diversity. Ideal for integrating cultural awareness

Roots & Wings, Revised Edition
Affirming culture in early childhood programs.

Valuing Diversity
The ideas contained in this book are intended to inspire teachers to creatively find ways to value diversity within and beyond the classroom.

We Can All Get Along: 50 Steps You Can Take To Help End Racism
Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of using non-racist language, cross-cultural communication, and materials that reinforce positive images.

Round the World Cookbook
Over 40 recipes and additional information about cultures around the world.

School-Age Children with Special Needs: What do they do when school is out
This unique book is the first national examination of the need, program models, technical assistance models and policy implications.

Science Around the World
Travel through time and space with fun experiments and projects

Sensory Integration: A Guide for Preschool Teachers
Helps identify children who have difficulties with sensory processing, and offers teachers practical suggestions to support the sensory needs of young children in the preschool classroom.

So this is Normal Too?
Teachers and parents working out developmental issues in young children.

Start Seeing Diversity
The basic guide to an anti-bias classroom.

Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance in Preschool and the Early Grades
This combination video and resource book from Teaching Tolerance is an excellent tool for tapping into those “teachable moments” that focus on equity, respect and tolerance. The 58-minute video also features five excellent early education programs that p

Strategies for Including Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Settings
A balance of strategy and activity-based resources for including young children with special needs.

The Stop…Think…Do…Program
This is a two-part workbook designed for children with ADD or ADHD and their parents. It promotes several activities to help children learn the three-step approach to reducing impulsivity and helps them consider the consequences of their decisions.

Teaching Kids with Mental Health & Learning Disorders
How to recognize, understand, and help challenged (and challenging) students succeed.

Teaching Young Children with Autism
An easy to understand straight forward guide to working with children with autism.

Teaching Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
This straightforward guide helps preschool teachers work with Autistic children.

That’s Not Fair! A Teacher’s Guide to Activism with Young Children
A guide for activism projects with young children, this resource helps teachers learn to use children’s sense of fairness to change the world for the better.

They Can But They Don’t
Helping students overcome work inhibitions.

Understanding Learning Differences
A curriculum to promote LD awareness, self-esteem, and coping skills ages 8-13.

Valuing Diversity: The Primary Years
To inspire teachers to creatively find ways to value diversity within and beyond the classroom.

We Can All Get Along
Fifty steps you can take to help end racism at home, at work, and in the community.

We Can Do It!
Read this book to the children in your care. All of you will meet five special children and see what they can do!

Welcoming All Children: Creating Inclusive Child Care
Preparing your program for inclusive child care.

Westward Ho!
An activity guide to the Wild West.

What Do You do With a Child Like This?
Inside the lives of troubled children.

What Do You Stand For? (for teens)
For ages 11 and over, this book helps youth develop values through activities that teach them how to recognize a situation or choice, weigh the options, and make a decision that is right for them. Focuses on values such as confidence, restraint, forgiven

What if All the Kids Are White?
Anti-bias multicultural education with young children and families.

World Holidays
Art and movement activities.