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365 Ways To Help Your Child Learn & Achieve
Ideas that are creative, simple, and fun.

501 Fun-To-Make Family Crafts by Better Homes and Gardens

60 One-Minute Family Builders
Creative ideas for family fun.

60 One-Minute Marriage Builders,
Sixty great ideas for continuing courtship and ways to resolve conflict.

60 One-Minute Memory Builders
60 memory builders

A Letter to Amy
An Ezra Jack Keats classic.

A Parent’s Guide to Preschool
Preparing your child for success in school

Adventures in Parenting
How responding, preventing, monitoring, mentoring, and modeling can help you be a successful parent.

Albert The Fix-It Man
A simple story of generosity repaid, that honors one man’s giving spirit and celebrates the value of community.

All Families Are Special
The typical family picture of 50 years ago has undergone changes. Today’s children live in 2 parent families, single parent families, adoptive families, foster families, divorced families and blended families. This book invites children to describe thei

All Grown Up & No Place to Go
Gives parents the tools to cope with the problems of teenagers of today and help them become the responsible adults of tomorrow.

All Kinds of Friends Even Green
In a school assignment, seven-year-old Moses, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, reflects that his neighbor’s disabled iguana resembles him because they both have figured out how to get where they want to be in different ways than those around them.

Amazing Bone

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training
Recognize when your child is ready. A step-by-step guide to what to do. The best ways to encourage progress and handle accidents. Tips for managing bedwetting.

Angry Feelings

A part of the Stories for Parents series

Anna’s Secret Friend

Annie John

Avian My Uncle Flew


Babyfaces Eat!

Babyfaces Smile!

Babyfaces Splash!

Badger’s Fancy Meal
A lesson for children to appreciate what they already have

Barney’s Clothes
Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ dressing up in different types of clothes

Behavior Matters
Looks at ways you can work with your child care provider to address in consistent and appropriate ways the most common and perplexing behavioral challenges.

Best Day of the Week

Best Summer Ever
Tips for turning summer vacation free time into fun time.

The Book of New Family Traditions
How to create great rituals for holidays and everyday. More than 150 ideas for year round celebrations.

Bound for Success
How to guide your child to higher self-esteem.

Bully on the Bus

Caring for Your Adolescent
Advice for the parents and teachers of adolescents

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
State-of-the-art advice for mothers, fathers, and caregivers

Caring for Your School-Age Child
State-of-the-art advice for mothers, fathers, and caregivers

Carrot Seed

The Challenging Child
Understanding, raising, and enjoying the five “difficult” types of children.

Children’s Stress and Coping
Theoretical and methodological issues related to the study of children and families and stress-coping phenomena from the child’s perspective.

Children, Families and Foster Care
The Future of Children Volume 14 – Number 1 Winter 2004.

Children, Families and Foster Care: Issues and Ideas
A guide for policymakers and the press Jan. 2004.

Circle of Love
Relationships between parents, providers and children in family child care

The Cloud Book
Tomie de Paola teaches about clouds.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Creative Play Areas
Simple inexpensive projects parents & children can do together. Over 185 inexpensive, not to difficult projects that adults and kids can do together to make their own creative play area.

Creative Projects Big and Small
Activities and ideas for arts and crafts

Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect
Understand a baby’s capabilities and needs and develop a way of relating sensitively to the infant for whom you are caring

Strategies for working with kids in military families

Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking
Practical solutions to the most common preschool behavior problems.

The Doorbell Rang
Who’s at the door? Find out how a batch of cookies can keep your doorbell ringing.


Down By the Bay
A Raffi “Songs to Read” Selection.

Dragon Mom – Confessions of a Child Development Expert
How does the expertise of a world-renowned early childhood speaker and author carry over into daily life with her own 5 children. In Dragon Mom, Janet Gonzales-Mena opens her home and heart to share the truth about her private life as a mother.

Each Orange Had 8 Slices: A Counting Book
Lots of things to count in this clever book!

Eating the Alphabet
A picture book of fruits and vegetables from A to Z, with an information glossary of 75 fruits and vegetables listed in the back of the book.

Endangered-Your Child in a Hostile World
A book on the challenges of parenting by Johann Christoph Arnold.

Family Literacy
An annotated bibliography from the US Department of Education

Family Meals
The importance of family meals

Father Facts
Book of data that covers topics such as absent fathers, divorce, and many more

Fatherhood Movement
A collection of essays by people most responsible in the 1990’s for the movement to reconnect men to their children

Feathers for Lunch
The cat is looking for a different lunch.

Figure in the Shadow

Finders, Keepers

First Feelings
Book to show parents how to recognize the key stages of a child’s emotional growth, while guiding and enhancing early psychological development.

Fish Eyes
A counting book with bright, colorful pictures.

Food Chaining
The proven 6-step plan to stop picky eating, solve feeding problems and expand your child’s diet.

Food Fights
Winning the nutritional challenges of parenthood armed with insight, humor and a bottle of ketchup.

Foot Book

From My Side; Being a Child
Photographs illustrate the many aspects of childhood.

Frugal Families
Making the most of your hard earned money.

Fun and Learning for Parents and Children
An activities handbook

Fun and Learning for Parents and Children
An activities handbook.

G is for Googol
A math alphabet book.

Gentle Ben

George and Martha
Getting and Retaining Child Care Assistance: How Policy and Practice Influence Parents’ Experiences

An Urban Institute program to assess changing social policies (Occasional Paper Number 55).

Getting Help with Child Care Expenses
An Urban Institute program to assess changing social policies (Occasional Paper Number 62).

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Cassatt)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Da Vinci)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Goya)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Hopper)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Monet)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Picasso)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists (Rembrandt)

Getting Your Child to Sleep… and Back to Sleep
The “Best Of” what has worked for parents and providers combined with the advice of today’s pediatric experts.

Good Going!
Successful potty training for young children in child care.

Good News

Goodnight Moon
The Grapes of Math

Mind stretching math riddles.

Grandparents as Parents
A survival guide for raising a second family.

Grounded for Life?!
Discover ways to stop blowing your fuse and start communicating with the teenagers in your life.

Growing Up Drug Free
A parent’s guide to prevention

Growing Vegetable Soup
Plant and water and watch the seeds grow—then cook it all up for the best soup ever!

Guide to Your Child’s Sleep
An innovative guide to helping your child, and you, sleep through the night.

Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild
Harriet and her mother know that even when they do things they wish they hadn’t, they still love each other very much.

Harry and the Terrible Whatzit


Hats, Hats, Hats
Take a tour of hats across the world.

Hattie and the Fox
Hattie tells her friends what she sees in the bush but they don’t believe her.

Helping Your Child Navigate Their Teenage Years
A guide that provides useful tools to improve your communication with your teenager to help him/her get through adolescence successfully

How Does It Feel?
Child care from a parent’s perspective

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
Innovative ways to solve common problems.

How to Generate Values in Young Children
Help children develop values through play, making decision, feeling secure and interactions with adults and other children

How to Handle a Hard to Handle Kid
A parent’s guide to understanding and changing problem behaviors.

How to Help Your Child with Homework
An easy-to-use book that can help you facilitate better reading, math, and study skills in six to thirteen year olds. End the homework wars.

How to Say It to Your Kids
The right words to solve problems, soothe feelings and teach values.

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk
The bestselling book that will give you the know-how you need to be effective with your children.

Hundred Penny Box

The Hurried Child
Growing up too fast too soon.

I Know I Can

I Love You Rituals
Fun activities for parents and children that boost brain potential, encourage cooperation and caring, promote literacy and learning, increase attention and decrease power struggles and build bands of unconditional love.

The Incredible Years: A Guide for Parents of Children Aged 3-8
A practical and informative handbook to help parents understand and cope with behavioral problems.

The Incredible Years: Parent’s and Children’s Series
A comprehensive course divided into four programs: play, praise and rewards, effective limit setting, and handling misbehaviors.

Jambo Means Hello

Just the Best

Kevin Goes to School
A sweet story about going to school for toddlers ages 30 months and up with a focus on the child’s world.

Kids Have all the Right Stuff
Inspiring your child to put pencil to paper.

Knights of the Kitchen Table

Koala Lou
Koala Lou wants her mom to tell her she loves her again so she competes in the Olympics.

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit
Cutting-edge studies that point to direct exposure to nature as essential for a child’s healthy physical and emotional development.

Learning and Growing Together
A tool that empowers parents and caregivers to be their best resource and to think of new ways of doing things. This technique is called “reflective parenting”.

Little Engine that Could

Little House

Look at Me!
The importance of maintaining a healthy weight.

Mad Isn’t Bad

Make Way for Ducklings

Making It Better for Boys in Schools, Families and Communities
Learn how to make education positive and relevant for boys.

Making the Grade

The Magic Hat
This rhyming story is about a magic hat that moves like this and like that, but where will it land next?

Mansion in the Mist

Market Day
A shopping trip to no ordinary market.

Matching School-Age Care with Your Child’s Needs
Designed to help parents choose the right school-age program for their child.

Mind In The Making: The 7 Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs
Simple everyday things that all parents can do to build life skills in their children for today and for the future

Mister Rogers Talks With Parents
What he has learned from years of helping children grow.

Mouse Soup

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!
Find out what happens when Mr. McGreely plants a garden!

The Napping House
Who’s all sleeping at the napping house?

Never Talk to Strangers
First published in 1967, Never Talk to Strangers relays an important message about strangers through rhyme and illustrations. More timely and important than ever.

New Father Book
What every father needs to know to be a good dad

Night Noises
Lily Laceby and her companion Butch Aggie live in a cottage in the hills and strange noises began to echo in the night.

No More Bullies
An easy reader that contains only 57 different words, repeated often to help the young reader develop word recognition and interest in reading.

Normal Children Have Problems, Too
A guide for parents that will help them understand and help their child.

Not Just a Babysitter
New ways to think about your relationships with your child care provider and offers thoughtful strategies for partnering with them to create the most satisfying and rewarding experience for your child.

Of Colors and Things
A picture book of different colors and items.

Off Road Parenting
Practical solutions for difficult behavior (book & dvd)

Off to School
A parent’s eye view of the kindergarten year.

Ohio’s Early Intervention Program
A workshop on national and state policies regarding selected required components of the early intervention system.

On the Day You Were Born
A celebration of the natural world as a loving welcome is extended to the new baby.

One Duck Stuck
A duck is stuck in the muck and the other animals come to the “rescue”.

One Fine Day

Our Special World
Parents and preschoolers living, learning, and playing together.

Parent Resource Packet
A family life resource from the Ohio State University Extension Bulletin 844

Parent Resource Packet
Variety of topic on young children from the OSU Extension.

Parent’s Guide
Solutions to everyday parenting problems.

The Parent’s Guide to Play
More than 170 activities to stimulate imaginations, expand vocabularies, build skills and much more.

Parenting Young Children
Helpful strategies on Systematic Training for Effective Parent (STEP) for parents of children under six.

Parents, Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line
Features 20 relationship-building techniques that will work with your child.

Pictures of babies with different facial expressions.

Peekaboo Morning
A toddler plays a game of peekaboo and you’re invited to play too!

Planting a Rainbow
Planting different seeds that have the colors of the rainbow.

Covers topics such as the parent’s role, toys for every age, and activity ideas.

The Please and Thank You Book
Fun animal rhyming book to teach children manners.

Pocket for Corduroy

Preschool for Parents
What every parent needs to know about preschool.

Promoting Mutual Responsiveness In The Early Parent/Infant Relationship: A Preventive Intervention
A research paper.

Pumpkin Pumpkin
Plant a pumpkin seed in spring, carve a jack-o-lantern at Halloween!

Quick as a Cricket
A joyful celebration of self-awareness

Raising Lifelong Learners: A Parent’s Guide
Practical suggestions for how we can best nurture the qualities of initiative, thoughtfulness, curiosity, resourcefulness, perseverance and imagination that are fundamental to all that our children will do and become in their lives.

The Relatives Came
Cynthia Rylant’s classic tale of a family visit.

Relatives Caring for Children
Ohio resource guide.

Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry

The Roller Coaster Years
How to raise your child through the maddening yet magical middle school years.

Runaway Bunny

Secret Magnets

Self Esteem for Tots to Teens
How you can help your children feel more confident and lovable.

Siblings Without Rivalry
How to help your children live together so you can live too.

The Sleep Book for Tired Parents
Help for solving children’s sleep problems.

Something More: Nurturing Your Child’s Spiritual Growth
An inspirational and practical approach to raising a child with a sense of meaning and purpose in this uncertain world.

Sophie and her grandpa are best friends and then one day there is no grandpa

Space Case

Spot Dot Splatter Splat

Starbright: Meditations for Children
Simple visualizations that you can read to children to help them sleep, develop concentration, awaken creativity and learn to quiet themselves.

Start Something

Stephanie’s Ponytail
Everyone wants to have Stephanie’s ponytail.

Stop Struggling with Your Teen
A complete, easy-to-use guide for parents of pre-teens and teenagers.

Sultana’s Sandals

How to get the best from your children.

The Surprise
Who could the surprise be for?

Taking Diabetes to School

Talk about Brothers

Talk about Grandma

Talk about Grandpa

Talk about My Dad

Talk about My Mom

Talk about Sisters

Talking with Your Child about Cancer
A resource to help you decide how to tell your child he/she has cancer.

Then the Troll Heard the Squeak

Three R’s for the Nineties
Brochures designed to show parents a host of practical ways to introduce their children, both at home and in school, to creative writing, etc.

Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide!
Those wily bunnies are at it again in this sequel.

Top Cat
A new cat arrives and top cat doesn’t want to share his house, but soon learns that two cats can be lots more fun.

A reference for your child’s emotional and behavioral development

Transition Magician For Families
Helping parents and children with everyday routines.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Counting fruit.

Way to Grow!
The importance of strong bones and teeth

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
A modern classic for ages 4-8, to be chanted aloud and acted out.

What Every Parent Needs To Know About 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade
Information for parents that need to understand how children learn and what schools can do to prepared them.

What Every Parent Needs to Know about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades
A book that shows how children learn and guides parents through the elements they should look for in their children’s early elementary school experience.

What Happened to the World?
Helping children cope in turbulent times

What’s Going On In There?
How the brain and mind develop in the first five years of life

When Others Care for Your Child
Perspectives on child care and balancing work and home.

When Sex Is the Subject
A reassuring handbook that explains the key to effective sexuality education for young children is not just what you say but how you say it.

Where the Wild Things Are

Whoever You Are
A book about children all over the world and how their lives may be different but they are still children.

Whoever You Are
A children’s book about looking, talking, and living differently, but inside, children are all alike.

Why Does Baby Cry?
A part of the Stories for Parents series.

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge
Wilfred Gordon visits his friends next door and helps Miss Nancy find her memories.

You & Your ADD Child
How to understand and help kids with attention deficit disorder.

You’re a Better Parent than You Think
A guide to common-sense parenting.

Young People with Cancer: A Handbook for Parents
Intended to serve the parents and family members of young cancer patients, the patients themselves, and the caregivers who treat them.

Your Child’s Health
Parents’ one stop reference guide to symptoms, emergencies, common illnesses, behavior problems and healthy development.

Your Child: Latchkey Years
A common-sense guide to happier, safer kids who stay home alone.