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A Menu Planner for Healthy School Meals
To help plan, prepare, serve, and market appealing meals.

A Nick Cookbook
Fun, yummy recipes kids will love.

American Red Cross: Community First Aid and Safety
A participant’s manual.

American Red Cross: CPR/AED
A participant’s manual.

American Red Cross: Lifeguard Training
A participant’s manual.

American Red Cross: Preventing Disease Transmission (Blood Born Pathogens)
A participant’s manual.

Are You Ready
An in-depth guide to citizen preparedness.

Baby and Child: A to Z Medical Handbook
An easy reference guide to children’s illnesses, symptoms, and treatment.

Beyond a Peanut
Training kit about managing food allergies. Kit includes DVD with Power Point presentation, assessment questions, certificate of completion; Food Allergy Awareness cards and a training manual.

Big Snacks, Little Meals
Healthy snack ideas for after school, dinnertime, anytime

Breads of the Harvest
Bread has played an important role in the history of our nation. Explore the science, nutrition and history of bread-making since the Pilgrims in this 4-H book

Building Blocks for Fun and Healthy Meals
A menu planner for the Child and Adult Care Food Program. This menu planner contains information on the CACFP meal requirements, advice on how to serve high quality meals and snacks, menu planning, nutrition education ideas and tips.

Carbohydrate Addicts Program for Success
A companion workbook for the book The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet.

Caring For Our Children
National Health & Safety Performance Standards: guidelines for out-of-home child care programs.

Caring for the Children, Caring for Yourself: A Guide to Promoting Social & Emotional Health
Learn how to take care of yourself so that you can more effectively take care of the needs of others.

Child Abuse and Neglect (ODJFS 1465)
Preventing, identifying, and reporting abuse and neglect.

Child Abuse and Neglect (ODJFS1492)
For Ohio Educators, defining, identifying, and reporting abuse and neglect.

Child Safety Made Easy
A no nonsense resource on child safety for anyone caring for children.

Child Safety Made Simple (Ages Birth to 4)
Guidelines to help child care providers better protect their children.

Consumer Health and Safety Activities
Includes 90 ready to use worksheets for grades 7-12

Cooking Art
An outstanding book of easy, child-centered recipes and activities. Highly recommended for moms and teachers.

Cup Cooking
Simple picture directions enable children three years old and older to mix, measure and cook single-portion recipes so every child can cook successfully.

Cup Cooking Picture Recipes
Offers total involvement for each child. The whole child is involved in concrete real life experiences providing natural opportunities to develop eye-hand coordination, small muscle control, basic skills and concepts and most importantly, self confidence.

Cup Cooking Starter Set
Single step charges for child-portion picture recipes.

Day Care Nutrition in a Nutshell
Food choices, food and energy, nutrients, poor nutrition, and meeting nutritional requirements are just a few of the topics.

Dealing with Food Allergies in Babies and Children
A guide to nutritionally sound diets for children with food allergies.

Dental Health Curriculum (Head Start)
Dental health lessons that help children develop and understand the importance of their teeth.

Diet and Nutrition Activities
Includes 90 ready to use worksheets for grades 7-12.

Do Carrots Make you See Better?
A Guide to Food and Nutrition in Early Childhood Programs; An innovative resource that focuses on practical food learning experiences for children from infancy to age eight. Includes activities, recipes, parent connection, menus and more.

Elijah’s Story
Moving Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary – DVD 28 min.

Emergency Guidelines for School
Guidelines for helping an ill or injured student when the school nurse is not available.

Emergency Medical Treatment
A handbook of what to do in an emergency to keep a person alive until help arrives.

Family Violence: Helping the Victim
A comprehensive training manual for human services professionals dealing with victims of family violence.

Fitness and Nutrition Activity Book for Grades 4-6
Designed to supplement your health lessons on personal care issues.

Food and Nutrition for Every Kid
Exciting ideas, projects, and activities for schools, science fairs, and just plain fun.

Food Buying Guide
Ideas on ways to plan, purchase, prepare and serve nourishing meals.

Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
This resource helps food service professionals buy the right kind of food and buy it most economically whether they use one of the food-based or nutrient standard menu planning approaches.

Food Service Equipment
A guide to purchasing food service equipment.

FOOD…Early Choices
A nutrition learning system for early childhood.

Growing, Growing Strong
A whole health curriculum for young children

Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition
Making peace at the table while building healthy eating habits for life.

Handbook On Common Childhood Illnesses for Child Care Centers
Provides information to child care providers about communicable diseases, measures to control the spread of diseases and related child health issues.

Health Promotion Activity Book
Designed to supplement your health lessons on various health education topics.

Healthy Choices Afterschool
An NAA publication. Investigation of the alignment of physical activity and nutrition programs/curricula and the National Afterschool Association Program Standards.

Healthy Hare Family
A coloring and activity book.

Healthy Snacks
90 new, fun, simple recipes. Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) approved recipes and information for family child care providers.

How to Teach Nutrition to Kids
Promotes positive attitudes about food, fitness and body image, discover hundreds of fun, hands-on nutrition education activities aimed at children 6-12.

I Made It Myself!
Mud cups, pizza and over 100 other fun and healthy recipes for kids to make.

Improving the Health of Adolescents & Young Adults: A Guide for States and Communities
This combination book and DVD set from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services focuses on ways to improve the help of school-age youth by the year 2010. (SA)

Improving the Health of Adolescents & Young Children
Ideas for helping communities to establish priorities, take collective action, and measure progress toward the shared goal of improving the health, safety, and well-being of the adolescents and young adults.

Infant Toddler Emergency First Aid Volume 1: Accidents – DVD 43 min.
Infant Toddler Emergency First Aid Volume 2: Illnesses – DVD 48 min.

Infectious Disease Control Manual
Reference for providing information about infectious conditions, including prevention, control, and reporting of suspected and diagnosed cases.

Kid’s in the car with grandparents and others who care
A safety kit designed to save lives, avoid injury, inform and increase the correct and safe seating of American children by grandparents and other caregivers who drive them.

Kids Cooking
19 tempting recipes for the youngest cooks to make themselves.

Kids to the Rescue!
A fun, simple first aid book for kids, about kids, and loved by kids.

Healthy snack recipes for children.

Learning About My Body
A resource and reproducible book to facilitate children’s learning about their body and how it works.

Life without Fear
A guide to preventing sexual assault.

Making It Better
Activities-based approach to helping children under stress.

Making Nutrition Count for Children
This resource provides information on how children grow and develop, nutrients needed for growth and development, dietary guidelines for Americans, USDA Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children, and helping children learn about food and eating.

Managing Asthma in Ohio Child Care Facilities
Resource guide that offers educational information on asthma to child care professionals and parents.

Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools
a quick reference guide provides the information you need to know-fast- about the prevention and management of infectious diseases in child care and school settings.

Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings
This easy to use guide will help childcare professionals readily address medical situations.

Mental Health in Head Start
A wellness approach.

Menu Magic for Children
In this book providers will learn more about the CACFP meal pattern requirements, find practical advice on how to serve high quality meals and snacks, and get ideas for menu planning and grocery shopping. Also included are sample menus, grocery lists, menu planning tools, and recipes.

Mister Rogers Cooking
Help children learn positive ways to express their feelings as they prepare foods. Children learn to follow directions, cooperate, and measure.

Model Child Care Health Policies
Policies for out-of-home child care.

Mountaineering First Aid
A handbook on assessing and treating conditions you may encounter in the wild.

My Body Belongs to Me
Created to help children develop a healthy self-concept and feel good about their bodies.

Nibbles for Health
This resource offers child care center staff guidance on conducting discussions with parents in three “sharing sessions” and accompanying posters; also has reproducible newsletters that staff can provide to parents to address many of the challenges they face.

No Leftovers Child Care Cookbook
Kid-tested recipes and menus for centers and home-based programs.

No-Stove Nutrition
Recipes and activities for healthy eaters.

Nutrition Education for Preschoolers
A resource guide for use in the Child Care Food Program.

Nutrition Education Resources and Bibliography
Source of nutrition education materials.

Overcoming Childhood Obesity
At least 1 in 5 children is overweight; the percentage of overweight children has more than doubled since 1970. A vital concern, you need answers, and what can you do.

Pediatric First Aid for Caregivers and Teachers
Revised First Ed. American Academy of Pediatrics -DVD 25 min.

Personal Care and the Healthy Hare Family
A coloring and activity book for grades two to three.

Personal Safety and the Healthy Hare Family
A coloring and activity book for grades two to three.

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse for Mandated Reporters – Part 1 Child Abuse in Our Communities
DVD 68 min.

Rethinking Nutrition: Connecting Science & Practice in Early Childhood Settings
This resource helps you to promote proper nutrition for birth to age five, address special dietary needs, to use mealtime as a way to promote social/intellectual development, etc.

Rhyme & Story Time Snacks
Each nursery rhyme/tale is accompanied by a clever quick and easy snack idea.

Safe and Wise Use of Natural Gas in the Home
A teaching unit for Kindergarten through third grade.

School Food Service Manual
Guide from the Ohio Department of Education.

School Health Index – A Self Assessment and Planning Guide (Middle/High School)
Tool to help your school assess and improve its physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco-use prevention, safety, and asthma policies and programs.

School Health Index (Elementary School)
A Self-assessment and planning Guide.

Sharing and Caring
How children grow and features practical, hands-on activities for your classroom.

Sigh of Relief
The first aid handbook for childhood emergencies featuring the exclusive quick-access emergency guide.

Snack Handbook
Feeding kids in after school programs.

Snackin’ Smart
Fun activities and recipes your kids will love to eat.

Snacktivities! Fifty Edible Activities for Parents and Children
Challenge the school-agers and older preschoolers in your care to learn about food while they improve their math, literacy, and science skills.

Solving Your Child’s Eating Problems
A completely new approach to raising children free of food and weight problems.

Stepping Stones to Using Caring for Our Children
National Health and Safety Performance Standards. Guidelines for Out-of-Home Child Care Programs.

Stir, Squirt, Sizzle
A Nickelodeon cook book. From crispy crimson chin-ken nuggets and ooey-gooey Marianne’s mac n’ cheese to rich and chewy bikini bottom butterscotch brownies, you’ll be the toast of the town when you whip up the recipes in this cookbook.

Super Snacks
Over 165 seasonal, sugarless, and nutritious recipes. Also includes CACFP information.

The (No Leftovers!) Child Care Cookbook: Kid-Tested Recipes and Menus for Centers and Home-Based Programs
Contains 20 complete menus and 80+ child-tested recipes. Also includes directions for adapting recipes to serve groups of 6 to 60 children and the latest nutrition information.

The ABC’s of Secondhand Smoke
Contains information about the dangers of secondhand smoke, resources to increase your knowledge, and ideas for using the materials with parents, children, and your co-workers.

The Children’s Step-By-Step Cook Book
Photographic cooking lessons for young chefs.

The Cooking Book: Guide to Fostering Young Children’s Learning and Delight
Through engaging children n food preparation, teachers can promote learning in science, mathematics, literacy, social competence, and other curriculum areas.

The Developing Child: Meeting the Needs of Children: Nutrition
DVD 27 min.

The Everything Kids’ Cookbook
90 recipes to have some finger-lickin’ fun.

The Healthy Start Kids’ Cookbook:
Fun and healthful recipes that kids can make themselves.

The Please Touch Cookbook
Filled with exploratory exhibits-encouraging young people to learn by doing and to use all their senses in a wide range of experiences.

Those Icky Sticky Smelly Cavity Causing but Invisible Germs
Help children get a strong start on good tooth brushing habits (English and Spanish).

Those Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Tiny, Not-so-Nice Head Lice
Learn how they spread, methods for getting rid of lice, and prevention practices (English and Spanish).

Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but Invisible Germs
Help children get a strong start on good health habits (English and Spanish).

Those Ooey Gooey Winky Blinky but Invisible Pinkeye Germs
Help children understand and cope with pinkeye infections (English and Spanish).

Tickle Your Appetite
WIC/Team Educator’s Kit for Children that can also serve as a valuable resource for programs that serve preschool-age children.

Travel the World Cookbook
Introduce school-agers to basic cooking techniques and world culture with 60 delicious recipes from all over the world – organized by continent

USDA Recipes for schools
Discusses adjusting recipes, nutrient information, safe food handling, and contains many reference charts helpful for foodservice operations.

What Happened to My World?
Helping children cope with natural disaster and catastrophe.

What if I’m Home Alone?
A guide to home and personal safety skills.

When a Child Is Sick or Hurt
Recognizing illnesses, caring for the child, reporting problems, and following up when providing care for children.

Young Chef’s Nutrition Guide and Cookbook
Over 150 kid tested recipes for good eating. Clearly labeled for every skill level. Nutritional information provided

Youth Traffic Safety Programs
Various resource materials for youth traffic safety programs.