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A Manual For Day Care Providers
A practical guide to family home day care.

A Survival Guide for Child Care Providers
This purposeful book of tips, reflections, and quotes is based upon anecdotal observations of educators with years of resourceful experiences. Learn how to simplify, organize, prioritize and take advantage of hundreds of practical tips

Active Learning in a Family Day Care Setting
Experiences in language, visual skills, art, creative thinking, music, movement, science, pet care, & math will help provide care that fits the development of the individual child.

Basic Guide to Family Child Care Record Keeping
This book explains how to calculate your time-space percentage and how to set up a system for recording business, mileage deductions, how to do an inventory of personal property and much more!

Building a High/Scope Program
Learn how you can design active learning areas that double as family living spaces; plan activities for multi –aged groups and more. This book draws on the experience of established providers and provides practical ideas, strategies and tips for addressing special issues in family child care.

Business Planning Guide
A guide to make a start-up plan and a business plan.

Cabin Fever Relievers
When bad weather forces you and the children you care for to stay inside, this book will supply you with hundreds of simple and creative ways to have fun indoors.

Caring For Children in Family Child Care: Volume 1
Provides practical ideas for setting up the home environment and planning a developmentally appropriate program for children of all ages. Volume 1 includes safe, healthy learning environment with physical, cognitive, and creative learning. (Also FC044-46P)

Caring For Children in Family Child Care: Volume 2
Provides practical ideas for setting up the home environment and planning a developmentally appropriate program for children of all ages. Volume 2 includes communication, guidance, program management, and professionalism. (Also FC047-49P)

Caring for Children in Your Home (A Handbook for FCC Providers)
A business guide for certified family child care providers.

Childproof Your Home
A guide to child safety. It is a comprehensive handbook for creating a safe environment. It includes simple, practical safety tips, available child safety product devices and guidelines for purchasing safe juvenile equipment.

Circle of Love: Relationships Between Parents, Providers, and Children in Family Day Care
Learn how to redesign the family circle to include parents and providers so each child is surrounded with love.

Contracts and Policies with CD-ROM 3rd edition
A guide to help establish and enforce contracts and policies.

Contracts and Policies: How to Be Businesslike in a Caring Profession 2nd edition
Discusses tools needed to establish and enforce contracts and policies, build trust between provider and parent, and demonstrate provider professionalism.

Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care
For new and experienced providers, create a special place filled with learning opportunities for children. This book discusses behavior, talking with parents, and how to do various activities.

Do It Yourself Early Learning
Easy and fun activities and toys from everyday home center materials.

Dollars & Sense
Planning for profit in your child care business

Family Child Care Business Planning Guide
Get details on how to write a comprehensive blueprint for running your business and provides advice for using the plan to manage your business more effectively, whether you are just starting out or have an established operation

Family Child Care Contracts & Policies
How to be businesslike in a caring profession.

Family Child Care Contracts and Policies (Third Edition)
Provides information to establish and enforce contracts and policies with parents. Information on, rates, dealing with late payments, enforcing or terminating contracts, conflict resolution.

Family Child Care Health and Safety Checklist
A checklist, notes, and resources on specific health and safety practices.

Family Child Care Legal & Insurance Guide
Takes the intimidation out of running a family child care business, from understanding insurance to protecting against lawsuits

Family Child Care Marketing Guide: How to Build Enrollment and Promote Your Business As a Child Care Professional
This guide will help you find inexpensive ways to promote your business. Dozens of marketing tips, including ways to attract new parents, how to set rates, and where to advertise.

Family Child Care Provider Tool Kit: Taxpayer Education and Communication Small Business / Self-Employed
Provides information needed to access federal tax issues connected to the operation of a small business.

Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide
Covers everything you’ll need to keep your business records accurate and up to date- from tracking income and expenses to working with a tax preparer.

Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide, 7th Edition
Information on allowable deductions, calculated work hours, tax preparation, and other topics.

Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide, 8th Edition
Information on allowable deductions, calculated work hours, tax preparation, and other topics.

Family Child Care Tax Workbook 1994
An explanation of tax laws and forms for 1994

Family Child Care: Contracts and Policies
Learn to establish and enforce contracts and policies. Effective policies and contracts can build trust between parents and providers.

Family Day Care: How to Provide it in Your Home
This book gives information to in-home providers concerning topics such as nutrition, safety, keeping records and many more topics.

Family Day Care: Out of the Shadows and Into the Limelight
Research monograph of the NAEYC.

Family Daycare Exchange
A whole series of newsletters on various child care topics.

FCC Health & Safety Checklist & Video
Checklist to point out some of the ways to make a family child care home safer.

First Aid For Children Fast
Emergency procedures for all parents and caregivers.

From Babysitter to Business Owner
This book offers tried-and-true strategies for implementing established professional business practices in the home day care environment.

From Parents to Partners
Methods for developing partnerships with parents of children in child care setting. Communication and support networks.

Get Ready, Set, Grow!
A wonderful easy-to-use guide for family child care providers and others without training in curriculum planning. Each unit provides ideas for art, music, storytime, and more.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Guide to Finding Help and Hope
Information and ideas about services available.

Heart to Heart Caregiving
Shows providers how to build a program that reflects your own strengths and unique interests to a program that is always in demand. This book is also a wonderful resource of activities, recipes, and projects for providers who are seeking inspiration.

Home Centered Care: Designing a Family Day Care Program
Hard to find information in clear, jargon-free language about children’s needs, how they learn and what they learn from activities.

How Does it Feel?
Child care from a parent’s perspective

In-Home Child Care
A series of fact sheets on family child care topic from OSU Extension.

Legal & Insurance Guide
Protect yourself and your business with legal and insurance strategies designed specifically for family child care providers

Making Home-Based Child Care Work for You
This book takes an in-depth look at: family child care as a profession, business management, budgeting, curriculum planning, communication, marketing, & more.

Many Right Ways
Suggestion on ways to design your home child care environment.

Marketing Guide
A guide to help market your program whether you are a new provider or an experienced professional.

Money Management & Retirement Guide
A guide to help reduce expenses, pay off debt, hire employees, applying for a loan or grant and what you need to know about retirement planning.

Opening Your Door to Children: How to Start a Family Day Care Program
Everything you could possibly want to know about starting up your own program.

Record Keeping and Tax Preparation
General teaching strategies that communicate the complex subject of family child care record keeping and tax preparation in an effective way.

Record-Keeping Guide
A guide to help keep your business records accurate and up-to-date.

Regulations for Certified Type B Home Providers
The ODJFS regulation for certified Type B home providers. (Rev. 10/2005)

Room For Loving & Room For Learning: Finding the Space You Need in Your Family Child Care Home
This new and simple people-based system helps with storage problems and activity areas.

Spoonful of Lovin’: A Manual for Day Care Providers
An easy-to-read text on family home day care. Covers safety, child development, and basic management techniques, and offers a host of creative ideas for fun and learning.

Teaching Family Child Care Record Keeping And Tax Preparation
A curriculum for trainers.

The Child Care Provider: Promoting Young Children’s Development
This hands-on resource shows child care providers how to turn everyday situations into opportunities for development. Covers language and communication skills, social-emotional development, guidance and discipline, and using play to encourage learning.

The Creative Curriculum For Family Child Care
A book, a video, and a user’s guide for the video.

The Home Visitor’s Manual
Tools and strategies for effective interactions with family child care providers.

The Inside Scoop: Tips from a Family Child Care Professional
This resource guides you through writing a mission plan, budgeting, creating learning environments, and other topics.

Tips & Tidbits: A Book for Family Child Care Providers
This book is full of good ideas to handle squabbling, tattling, “potty mouth,” eating or napping difficulties, that arise in the day-to-day life of a family child care provider.