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100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects
Each project has step-by-step instructions, how to perform an experiment, demonstrate a procedure, or construct a working model.

101 Alphabet Activities
Ideas for teaching the alphabet that support the kindergarten standards.

101 Cool Pool Games for Children
Created by a certified fitness instructor, these pool games are organized into six sections. Water safety is priority number one, and each activity clearly indicates the recommended skill level and any equipment that may be needed.

101 Dance Games for Children
Fun and creativity with movement. Includes dances for working with new groups meeting for the first time, cooperation dances, dancing with props, sound and dance games and story dances.

101 Great Gifts from Kids
Fabulous gifts every child can make.

101 Great Science Experiments
A step by step guide.

101 Improv Games for Children & Adults
A fun resource to use with your drama program or great as stand alone activities. Teaches children to think on their feet and explore their creativity.

101 Life Skills Games for Children
For ages 9-15, are written to help children develop the foundation skills of self-awareness and getting along with others.

101 More Life Skills Games for Children
These games cover a range of issues from aggression, boasting, conscience, disability, group conflict, honesty and inhibitions to respect, stereotypes and self-confidence.

101 Movement Games

Helps children develop personal, social, and creative skills with non-competitive games.

101 Music Games
Helps children develop personal, social, and creative skills with non-competitive games.

101 Nature Experiments
A step-by-step guide.

101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children
101 ideas for ages 2-6 years.

101 Ways to Love a Book
This book shows readers how to explore books through arts and crafts, research, school and community projects, and creative writing assignments.

104 Activities That Build
Self esteem, teamwork, communication, anger management, self discovery, coping skills.

12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays
Humorous takes on favorite tales that boost reading skills, build fluency and keep your class chuckling with lots of read-aloud fun.

2’s Felt Board Fun Experience
Make your felt board come alive as you enjoy the stories, activities, and fingerplays written just for toddlers and twos.

2’s Fingerplays Experience
A wonderful collection of fingerplays, songs, and rhymes just for the very young child – short, easy-to-learn, and full of simple movement.

2’s Sensory Play Experience
Multi-sensory games and activities for toddlers and two’s to play each day.

200 Gooey, Slippery, Slimy, Weird and Fun Experiments
uses simple problems, activities and projects to explain important science principles through hands-on experience.

202 Science Investigations
Exciting adventures in earth, life & physical science for individual or group activities.

25 Super Cool Math Board Games
Easy to play reproducible games that teach essential math skills.

365 Afterschool Activities
From making a monster mask to going on a bike photo safari, this book will let kids’ imaginations sore with fun things to do during those valuable after school hours and beyond.

365 Days of Creative Play
Keeping children busy, happy, and learning with 365 playful, imaginative activities. Easy to use, only requires available materials and an adult.

365 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Child
TV-free activities.

365 Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials
Use materials found around the house or school to explore the wonders of science. Includes step-by-step instructions.

365 Smart Afterschool Activities
From making a mask to going on a bike photo safari, this resource will help kids’ imaginations soar!

365 TV Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child
A variety of activity ideas.

5 Minute Math Problem of the Day
250 fun, multistep problems that sharpen math, reasoning, number sense and computation skills. Grades 4-8.

5 Minute Teacher Tested Learning Games
Fun activities to fill those extra minutes in your school day or as an introduction or follow up to a lesson.

50 Art Activities for Your Kindergarten Classroom
Art activities that are easy to work into your curriculum.

50 Learning Songs Sung to Your Favorite Tunes
For grades K through 2 learning important primary concepts (letters, numbers, opposites, etc.) is easy and fun with this big collection of irresistible songs set to favorite tunes.

50 Math Activities for Your Kindergarten Classroom
Activities that cover the main math concepts such as grouping and sorting, patterns, numbers, graphing, measurement, and geometry.

50 Nifty Super Things to Do After School
All 50 activities feature step-by-step instructions and are rated according to level of difficulty. Most of them can be completed in a couple of hours.

500 Five Minute Games
Enjoy 5 minutes of easy, fun, and developmentally appropriate games that promote learning in just minutes. Children can unwind and get their wiggles out while building self-esteem.

80 Internet Mini-Scavenger Hunts
This book contains reproducible activity cards that help kids build Internet research skills as they find fascinating facts in Social Studies, Science, Math, and Language Arts.

99 Tips For School Readiness
Designed to provide simple, developmentally appropriate activities to help children ages four and five get ready for school. Skill areas include: Self-Help, Social-Behavioral, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language, and Cognitive.

A Collection of Basic Skills
Alphabet, rhyming words, color words, opposites, numbers, number words and more.

A Guide to Cognitive Development and Learning
Explores how the level of alertness and activity of infants affects the ability to learn through interaction with adults.

A Guide to Great Field Trips
This comprehensive guide explores every aspect of field trips including how trip leaders can establish and achieve learning goals, avoid headaches, and thoughtfully prepare and follow up.

A Look At Weather: Activities for the Primary Student
Simple activities to get children excited about the weather.

A Moving Experience
Dance for lovers of children and the child within.

A Planning Guide to the Preschool Curriculum Fourth Edition
A resource for teachers to use in planning meaningful activities for you children in group care.

A Sentence a Day
Short, playful proofreading exercises to help students avoid tripping up when they write.

A Show Of Hands: Using Puppets with Young Children
Innovative way for teachers to use puppets as valuable and developmentally appropriate teaching tool.

A Year of Hands On Science
More than 100 activities, projects, and experiments.

Accreditation: Computer Technology in After-School Programs
Opening doors to unlimited potential.

Active Experiences for Active Children: Science
Learn how to plan and implement meaningful thematic investigations that truly educate young children.

Active for Life
Developmentally appropriate movement programs for young children.

Active Learning for Fives
Over 500 easy to read and do activities with planning guide for 60 months through 72 months.

Active Learning for Fours
Over 470 easy to read and do activities with planning guide for 48 months through 60 months.

Active Learning for Infants
Over 300 easy to read and do activities with planning guide for newborns through 12 months.

Active Learning for Ones
Over 300 easy to read and do activities with planning guide for 12 months through 24 months.

Active Learning for Threes
Over 400 easy to read and do activities with planning guide for 36 months through 48 months.

Active Learning for Two’s
Ideas on setting up environments for two’s and an easy system for writing plans to help caregivers set the stage for a good activity program.

Activities Club
Introducing children to lifelong hobbies and encouraging lifelong educational values.

Activities for Before & After School
Easy to prepare activities.

Activities for Infants – 7 to 12 months
Explores child development at the critical stages of life that occurs in all domains including physical, cognitive, language and communication, social and emotional.

Activities for Infants – Birth to 6 months
Explores child development at the critical stages of life that occurs in all domains including physical, cognitive, language and communication, social and emotional.

Activities for Mixed Age Groups
Activities compiled from Take Part Art, Summer Sizzlers & Magic Mondays, and Incredible Indoor Games books.

Activities for Reading and Writing Fun
Provides ideas for families, teachers, librarians, & other learning partners to use with all children, including those with disabilities, to help them read well & independently by the end of the third grade. Also includes activities to help improve children’s reading & writing skills through sixth grade.

Activities for School-Age Child Care
80-page guide to program planning that covers 11 activity areas from stitchery to sand. Planning and resource ideas are explained while incorporating a philosophy and a rationale for the programming.

Activities for Summer Fun
Activities compiled from Take Part Art, Summer Sizzlers & Magic Mondays, and Incredible Indoor Games books.

Activities for Toddlers – 13 to 24 months
Explores child development at the critical stages of life that occurs in all domains including physical, cognitive, language and communication, social and emotional.

Activities for Toddlers – 25 to 36 months
Explores child development at the critical stages of life that occurs in all domains including physical, cognitive, language and communication, social and emotional.

Activities That Teach
Explore 60 hands on activities that teach about alcohol, tobacco, values, self esteem, goal setting, etc.

Activities Unlimited
Quick and easy activities your children will want to do over and over.

Adventures in Art
Art and craft experiences for 7-14 year olds.

Adventures in Peacemaking
A conflict resolution activity guide for school-age programs.

After School Kidz Math
Games for ages 5-8.

After School Style: A Notebook and Guide
This manual responds to the expanding need for after-school to support academic learning and offers unique opportunities for learning in its own “after-school style”.

Afterschool Achievers: Reading Club
For the children in your afterschool program who enjoy worksheets, this resource offers a variety of printable activities.

Afterschool KidzMath Games
Turn numbers into child’s play with 20 interactive math games for children ages 5 – 8 (grades K – 2).

After-School Programs & The K-8 Principal Revised Edition
Role of the school, checklist for indicators, planning guide, NSACA standards, California Board of Education Indicators.

Afterschool Training Kit – Literacy in Afterschool
A supplement to the on-line Afterschool Training Toolkit for 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

Afterschool Transition Activities
This book helps teachers analyze their program’s daily schedule to determine what is needed to make transitions smooth and fun.

Ages & Stages Learning Activities
Simple, quick activities to enhance the growth and development of infants and young children.

Air, Sun, & Water
Hands-on ideas that help children learn about the air, sun and water. The book is divided into lessons that discuss the topic, connect it with other themes and apply what is learned.

All About Me
Creative activities designed to help children develop a positive self-image, a strong sense of self worth, and to reinforce their understanding of important basic skills.

All About Preschoolers: An Environment-Based Curriculum, Volume 1
This comprehensive two volume curriculum set meets the standards of ECERS-R with more than 650 pages, with over 600 illustrative photographs and curriculum plans. Volume 1 covers Units 1 – 9.

All About Preschoolers: An Environment-Based Curriculum, Volume 2
This comprehensive two volume curriculum set meets the standards of ECERS-R with more than 650 pages, with over 600 illustrative photographs and curriculum plans. Volume 2 covers Units 10 – 18.

All About the ITERS-R
Information on each scored item, why it is important and what is needed to meet the requirements.

All the Best Contests for Kids
New ideas for inspiring the kids and you to join in on the games.

Almost Perfect Crimes
Mini mysteries for you to solve.

Alphabet Arts
Learning letters through sensory experiences.

Alphabet Songs & Rhymes

Amusement Park Physics
A middle school guide for amusement park physics day.

An Activity Book for African American Families: Helping Children Cope with Crisis
This book’s activities are designed to help you talk with children about emotions – to find ways to express thoughts and feelings that might be hard to say out loud.

And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon!
Over 650 activities to teach toddlers using familiar rhymes and songs.

Animals Love Their Alphabet
Learning the alphabet and other reading readiness skills.

Ants in Their Pants: Teaching Children Who Must Move To Learn
With consistency and creativity, extra busy children can thrive in the classroom and at home.

Any Day Activities
Quick and easy activities across the curriculum to use any day for grades 5-8.

Archaeology for Kids
Uncovering the mysteries of our past with 25 activities.

Art & Artists of 20th Century America
Introducing American artists of the 20th century who have documented American history through their art.

Art & Artists Through the Centuries
Designed to give young people an appreciation for fine art by analyzing artists’ techniques.

Art Across the Alphabet
Over 100 art experiences that enrich early literacy.

Art Activities A To Z
Presents a detailed lesson plan format of open-ended activities. The activities are easy-to-understand and follow (for ages one and up).

Art After School
A successful way to reach youth in your neighborhood.

Art Projects from Around the World
Step by step directions for 20 art projects that support learning about geography, culture, and other social studies topics. Grades 4 – 6.

Art: Basic for Young Children
This book is full of examples of how art benefits children including project ideas for fostering creativity.

Arts and Crafts for Little Hands
Contains teacher-tested projects for children ages 4 to 6. Includes materials lists, illustrations of the completed projects, step-by-step instructions, and keys to difficulty and fine motor skills.

Science learning activities for afterschool participants ages 5-12.

Over 375 Literature Based Activities. Get your students excited about reading, plus easy-to-use teaching ideas that connect quality literature to all curriculum areas, featuring 33 favorite Children’s Book Authors.

Awesome Things to Make with Recycled Stuff
Activities, Crafts and Ideas for using recycled/Earth Friendly stuff.

Babies in the Rain
Promoting play, exploration and discovery with infants and toddlers.

Baby Minds
More than 65 delightful games and activities to jump-start baby’s amazing brain power (birth – age 3)

Baby Play and Learn
160 play ideas to supplement your infant program.

Baby Signs
How to talk with your baby before your baby can talk.

Everything you need to prepare for the school year. Packed with favorite ideas featured in “The Mailbox” magazine from 1998 – 2002.

Baffling Whodunit Puzzles
Dr. Quicksolve’s mini mysteries.

How to use paper and plastic bags to make activities for your classroom.

Barney’s Watch, Play and Learn
An activity guide for parents and childcare providers with over 400 activities that allow children to discover and learn all about themselves and their world.

Basics of Assessment
A primer for Early Childhood Educators  ( Ages 3 to 8 )

Basic instructions, materials to use, and tools.

Beautiful Beginnings
A Developmental Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers-this activity-based approach is divided into six age ranges between birth and three years.

Beautiful Junk and Beautiful Junk II
Filled with exciting craft activities for the classroom using throw-away and recyclable materials.

Beautiful Stuff!
Learning with found materials.

Before the Basics: Creating Conversations with Children
Unique ideas to encourage child-centered language learning throughout the curriculum.

Beginning with Babies
Dozens of stimulating and easy-to-implement activities that support babies developing vision, language, and hearing, large and small muscles, and connections to others.

Being with Babies
Understanding and responding to the infants in your care.

Benny Broccoli and His Buddies
Cultivating an interest in agriculture.

Best of Mailbox (Preschool)
Thematic units, management tips, songs, bulletin boards, and much more.

Beyond the Classroom
Exploration of Schoolground & Backyard. The activities require only minimal investments in both time and equipment – all one needs is the outdoors.

Beyond Winning
Sports and games all kids want to play.

Big as Life Volume 1
A curriculum that integrates anti-bias and multicultural activities- an extensive look at the philosophy behind anti-bias and multicultural activities including an explanation of the characteristics, goals, and objectives followed by 8 comprehensive units.

Big as Life Volume 2
A curriculum that integrates anti-bias and multicultural activities- continues with 8 additional curriculum units and provides a thorough guide to planning your own inclusive curriculum unit.

Big Ideas for Small Mathematicians
22 activities for ages 6-11.

Biggie Patterns with a Purpose
160 classroom patterns organized by season features a reproducible pattern on one side and standards-based, skill-building companion activities on the other. 16-page teacher handbook included

Biology for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really Work
Exciting ideas, projects and activities for schools, science fairs and just plain fun.

Bite-Sized Science
Activities that encourage children to make predictions, test them, and evaluate the results. All require a few household materials, and most take 15 minutes or less to organize, do, and clean up.

Block Play
The complete guide to learning and playing with blocks

Body Art: People: Art and Movement Activities for Hands, Fingers, Feet and Toes
Investigates families, friends, feelings, communities, and cultures of the world. Projects include a footprint monster and a “handy” friendship bouquet.

Body Art: World Holidays: Art and Movement Activities for Hands, Fingers, Feet and Toes
Teaches about multicultural holidays including China’s Feast of the Lanterns, India’s Fire Festival, Israel’s Independence Day, and Mexico’s Dias de los Muertos.

Bones Rock!
Everything you need to know to be a paleontologist.

Books Don’t Have to Be Flat
Innovative ways to publish students’ writing in every curriculum area.

Booktime! Feelings
Literature based thematic units.

Booktime! People
Literature based thematic units.

Booktime! Places
Literature based thematic units.

Boredom Blasters
Hours of games and activities to make time fly.

Bountiful Earth
Includes over 300 activities and 25 songs corresponding to nature with a music CD.

Box Crafts
Crafts and games using boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Brain Based Activities for Young Learners
50 fun and easy ideas.

Brain Games for Babies
Simple games to promote early brain development.

Brain Games for Toddlers and Twos
Simple games to promote early brain development.

Brain Puzzlers
Creative, fun, and unique activities to emphasize creative thinking skills for ages 8-12.

Break a Leg: The Kid’s Guide to Acting and Stage
Complete guide for young performers, including costumes, make-up, props, etc.

Brite- Tite
Creative nylon play, games, and activities for all ages.

Tips, techniques, and tools for making big bubbles, bubble sculptures, bubble houses, etc.

Bubbles, Rainbows, & Worms
Science experiments for preschool children.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
21 songs and over 250 activities are presented in this book/CD set.

Building Assets Is Elementary
Group activities for helping kids ages 8-12 succeed.

Building Assets Together
This book gives creative, easy-to-use activities to introduce developmental assets to young people (6th to 12th grade youth).

Building by Design
Creating Democratic communities in programs for 10-15 year olds.

Building On Books
Integrating children’s literature into the curriculum.

Building Self-Esteem through the Museum of 25 Original Projects that Explore and Celebrate the Self
students engage in projects where they explore, interpret, reveal and celebrate themselves.

Building Structures with Young Children
Guides children to help deepen their understanding of physical science present in building block structures

Building the Primary Classroom: A Complete Guide to Teaching and Learning
Puts the best elements of classroom management and curriculum content together to help teachers build the environment, relationships, etc.

Butterflies, Bugs and Worms
Biology facts and fun experiments are featured in the kid-friendly book.

Camera Crafts
This book makes it easy to create amazing gifts and memorabilia from photographs. It’s filled with more than 20 projects to make, ranging in level of difficulty from easy to more complicated.

Caring by Design
Establishing care structures in programs for 10-15 year olds.

Caring for Children in School-Age Programs, Volume I
A personalized training program for staff in before and after school programs. Volume I contains the first six modules: Safe, Healthy, Program Environment, Physical, Cognitive, and Communication.

Caring Spaces, Learning Places
Children’s environments that work.

Cartoon Thinking
Cartoons area fascinating way to communicate thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Celebrating Diversity with Art
Thematic projects for every month of the year.

Challenging Whodunit Puzzles
One of a three part set of mini-mysteries that make you think like a super sleuth.

Character Education in America’s Schools
Activities based on 6 universal moral values that affirm the basic human worth and dignity of all people.

Chemistry for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really Work
Exciting ideas, projects, and activities for schools, science fairs and just plain fun.

Child Care Center Design Guide
Guide to promote centers that are child oriented, developmentally appropriate, beautiful, environmentally sensitive, health promoting, and functional.

Children’s Games Made Easy
Games and songs to incorporate easily into everyday play.

Cincy After School
Curriculum Guide for 21st Century Learning Centers.

Circle Time Flip Chart & CD PreK-1
Build a caring classroom environment with songs about sharing, friendship, special days, and more. Sturdy flip chart and CD has 25 adorable songs, a great resource all year long to enliven and enrich circle time. Approximately 20″H x 15″W.

Class Meetings Young Children Solving Problems Together
Guide children’s successful discovery of how to work out differences.

Classical Kids
One of a history set with an activity guide to life in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Classifying Living Things
Have fun while learning how to classify living organisms into groups that share characteristics; also gives suggestions on ways to incorporate classification skills to other areas of the curriculum.

Classroom Decorations
ideas for a creative classroom.

Classroom Museums
Any room that is used for learning can be turned into a whole new way of making things interesting, yet insightful. Find out how using this book and its ideas.

Classroom Routines That Really Work for Pre-K and Kindergarten
Dozens of routines that set the stage for children’s literacy and help them feel at home in the classroom.

Classroom Spaces That Work
Create a physical environment that is organized, welcoming and well suited to the needs of students and teachers with this guidebook for K-6 educators.

Club Zoom Engineering Activity Guide
Activities that are designed to inspire kids ages 8 to 12 to invent, build, brainstorm, tinker, design, and work together.

Coffee Can Science
Who knew that a simple coffee can could be turned into a barometer, an acoustic amplifier, or even a lung? Here’s 25 activities that teach key concepts in physical, earth, and life sciences. Grades 4 – 8.

Coin-Clue Puzzles
Critical thinking activities.

Colonial Kids
One of a history set with an activity guide to life in the new world.

Colossal Clubs: Activities-Based Curriculum for School-Age Programs
This book gives you all the information you need to run 20 clubs, including activities, supplies and references for further exploration.

Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes, and Dances
A book rich in ideas and a time saver for busy teachers seeking ideas to enrich their themes.

Complete Learning Center Book
An illustrated guide for 32 different early childhood learning centers.

Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos

Computer Activities Across the Curriculum
This book has an assortment of activities that can be used to supplement lessons. Children will reinforce their learning while practicing their computer skills (grades K – 5).

Computer Technology in After-School Programs: Opening Doors to Unlimited Potential
A step-by-step guide for helping school-agers surf the Internet safely, have “e-Pal” correspondences with children from around the world, become involved in collaborative online projects, create multi-media presentations, and more!

Connect with Music: Ideas for Creating Musical Experiences with Kids in Out of School
A guide with loads of suggestions, resources, activity ideas and strategies for infusing your after-school program with music.

Connections: An Early Childhood Education Curriculum Framework for Continuity
A framework to guide preschool, kindergarten and primary teachers, administrators, parents and community persons through the process of changing curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse population of young children

Control Systems: How the Nervous System Works
Discover 18 units on control systems and how they work. Each unit gives background information, ideas for exploration, assessment options, and ways to integrate into your curriculum.

Cooperative Games and Sports: Joyful Activities for Everyone
153 field-tested games and activities designed to build a child’s self-worth through cooperation, acceptance, inclusion and fun.

Cooperative Indoor and Outdoor Game Book
Easy classroom and field games for fitness and fun.

Count on Math
Math activities for small hands and lively minds.

Count on Your Friends
Learning to count and write numerals one through twelve.

Early learning activities for Pre K-Kindergarten.

Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Reptiles
Kids who are wild about reptiles will be wild about these projects. They range from a tiny turtle made form a bottle cap to a huge Komodo dragon made from paper bags.

Crafts from Your Favorite Children’s Songs
Includes 20 projects with step-by-step instructions for song-related puppets, toys, jewelry, frames, and other projects.

Crafts: Early Learning Activities
Over 100 fun filled, easy to do, early learning projects for parents and teachers. Activities to help children develop and define small motor skills and contribute to their growing self-esteem.

Create a City
A complete framework for students to use in creating an original city.

Creating Portfolios With Kids in Out-of-School Programs
Ideas for communicating with parents and enhancing program quality.

Creating Readers
Over 1,000 games, activities, tongue twisters, fingerplays, songs, and stories to get children excited about reading.

Creative Crafts for Year Round Fun
Easy and unique projects organized by seasons.

Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood
Shows teachers how to create an effective learning environment for preschoolers and kindergartners. Part one discusses child development, setting up your home and behavior. Part two explores 9 activity areas and how to select and store the materials.

Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
A well organized framework for planning infant and toddler programs.

Creative Curriculum for Preschool
This resource clearly defines the teacher’s role in connecting, teaching, and learning. Strategies are offered to help meet the needs of all children.

Creative Curriculum Learning Games 12-24 months
Provides parents and providers with proven, fun games to play with their young children.

Creative Curriculum Learning Games 24-36 months
Provides parents and providers with proven, fun games to play with their young children.

Creative Curriculum Learning Games: Birth-12 months
Provides parents and providers with proven, fun games to play with their young children.

Creative Dance Movement
With creative movement experiences, hyperactive or emotionally disturbed children can learn self control. Ordinary classroom routines become chances to gain confidence and self respect.

Creative Resources
Choose from 64 themes with related creative activities. Each theme includes a parent letter that suggests activities for home and updates children’s literature selection.

Creative Resources for Infants and Toddlers
Developmental guides, ideas and activities to promote optimal development in infants.

Creative Resources for School Age Programs
a combination of fun and academic based activities with extensions and suggestions of variations that reflect standards.

Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom 4th Edition
Activities to make learning interesting, references for children’s books, music, and multimedia, developmental norms, etc.

Crime Lab Chemistry
Teachers guide for grades 4-8 learning how to do chemistry tests with paper towels, ink, and water to solve ransom note crimes.

Critters and Company
Over 27 songs and 300 activities explore our relationships with the creatures around us. Includes CD.

CSI Expert! Forensic Science for Kids
More that 25 exciting activities. Grades 5-8.

Cup Cooking
Wholesome snack time recipes made in an individual cup as children move left to right, assembly line style, through a picture sequence.

Curriculum for All Children: EC-SPEED Curriculum
Curriculum based on celebratory attitudes toward human diversity, developmentally appropriate practices, and exceptionally appropriate practices.

Curtain Call
Games/activities that explore senses, music & movement: pantomime, character development, skits.

Cut and Paste Colors & Shapes
Readiness reproducibles with a party theme.

Cut and Paste: Concepts
Readiness reproducibles with a storybook theme

Cut and Paste: Numbers
Readiness reproducible with a circus theme.

Daily Plans for Active Preschoolers
80 ready to use daily activity plans for ages 3-5.

Daily Preschool Experiences
Complete Developmental Plans for 100 Days- Learning center ideas for preschool learners at every developmental level.

Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn: Enriching Movement Activities for Preschoolers
38 creative and fun movement lessons built around common early childhood curriculum themes, such as animals and seasons; each lesson is keyed to the Head Start early childhood learning standards.

Activity guide for ages 6-9.

Designing Creative Materials for Children
Trying to stimulate a child’s mind is something all caregivers try to do. Learn new ideas on how to create the materials to obtain that stimulation.

Designs for Living and Learning
Transforming early childhood environments.

Developing Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Birth to Three
Guide to developing self-help skills over the first three years.

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
This detailed resource is great for both preschool and afterschool programs.

Dig, Plant, Grow: A Kid’s Guide to Gardening
A kid’s guide to gardening with over 30 fun projects to make, 75 cool plants to grow and great ideas for grownups, too.

Discovering Great Artists – Hands-on Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters
110 fun and unique activities from the renaissance to the present with artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Michelangelo, O’Keefe, Dali and many others.

Discovering Nature With Young Children
Expands the role that science has traditionally played in the early childhood classroom.

Do It Yourself Early Learning
Shows child care providers how to find and use many of the inexpensive building, home repair, and construction materials available at local home centers to create fun activities and toys that promote play, exploration, and discovery.

Do Touch
Simple materials can be made into activities that children want to touch, manipulate and use. Prepare independent learning activities quickly and inexpensively.

Doing the Days
1,464 ideas and activities for every day of the year for ages 8 – 12.

Don’t Move the Muffin Tins
A hands-on guide to art for the young child.

Doodles and Oodles of Art
Hands-on activity book with new and unique ideas using inexpensive materials. Geared for pre-K through 3rd grade, but ideas that all ages can enjoy.

Draw 3-D
A step-by-step guide to perspective drawing.

Draw Cars
step by step instructions on how to draw with pencils.

Drawing & Writing
Presents easy ways to let your children practice basic strokes with different media and build skills to master manipulation of a pencil.

Drinking Straw Construction
Creative activities for straws.

Early Childhood Activities for Creative Educators
Provides information and ideas for making over 150 unique learning activities for children 2-8.

Early Childhood Curriculum
Addresses current approaches to curriculum for infants, toddlers and young children, aged birth to eight. It offers a clear focus on domain areas so that teachers are able to gain a breadth of understanding and effectively plan, design and implement curriculum strategy.

Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale
An easy-to-use evaluation instrument that will answer questions about the adequacy of early childhood settings.

Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale- Revised
An easy-to-use evaluation instrument that will answer questions about the adequacy of early childhood settings.

Early Learning Environments that Work
Ways to make a classroom setup successful.

Early Literacy Tool Kit
This kit provides information, guidance, recommendations, and examples of strategies to begin planning and appropriately implementing learning experiences linked to standards and designed to foster literacy development and skills in young children.

Easy Activities for Every Kid
130 activities for school and home.

Easy Make and Learn Projects: Human Body
This resource has easy how-to’s for making 20 models, manipulatives, and mini-books that will wow kids and teach about the incredible human body.

Easy Songs for Smooth Transitions in the Classroom
The simple songs in this book will help glide smoothly through tough transitions such as greetings and good-byes, calling attention, cleaning up, moving, waiting, and slowing down.

Educating & Caring for Very Young Children
Infant & Toddler Curriculum. The first text purporting to help train adults, educators – to design environments capable of melding education and care into a unified process: educare.

Educating Young Children
Active learning practices for preschool and child care programs.

Elementary Teacher’s Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games
This unique resource contains hundreds of exciting indoor and outdoor games and activities that encourage total group participation, motivation to succeed, and student success.

Emergent Curriculum
A resource to stimulate thinking about meaningful curriculum.

Emergent Literacy and Dramatic Play in Early Education
To enhance your ability to stimulate children.

Emotional Connections
How relationships guide early learning

Empowering Youth with Nutrition and Physical Activity
Resource to help teachers and caregivers of adolescents become positive role models and strategies to effectively communicate health, nutrition and physical activity messages through simple day to day activities.

Endangered Rain Forest
Contains background information, patterns, activities and resources to help you teach about the endangered plants and animals of the world’s tropical rain forests.

Engineering for Every Kid
Easy activities that make learning science fun.

Enrichment Math: Grade 3
Challenging and fun activities, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry and probability.

Enrichment Math: Grade 6
Challenging and fun activities, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, and probability.

Evaluating Local Out-Of-School Time Programs
Documenting progress and demonstrating results.

Every Day in Every Way
A year round calendar of preschool learning challenges.

Everybody Has a Body
Science from head to toe for ages 3-6.

Everybody Sing and Dance
Eighty hands-on, shoes-off learning experiences for teaching the magic and wonder of song, dance, rhythm, and creative movement.

Everybody Sings
Lyrics to over 100 songs, autoharp, guitar, and ukulele chords, instructions, and cassette tape.

Everyday Discoveries: Amazingly Easy Science and Math
Using Stuff You Already Have; Packed with self-directed science and math activities to answer the how, the why, and the what happened next

Everyday Law for Young Citizens: Grade 5-9
Examine law, law making, and law enforcement from every angle.

Everyone Wins! Cooperative Games and Activities
150 cooperative games and activities, designed to help children resolve conflict, enhance communication, build self-esteem, be creative, and have fun.

Everything for Spring
A complete three month plan using activities for learning centers, language, music and movement, cooking and snack, art, science, and math among others. Descriptions include necessary materials, what to do, words to use, connections to home and family, and books and tapes to use.

Everything for Winter
A complete three month plan using activities for learning centers, language, music and movement, cooking and snack, art, science, and math among others. Descriptions include necessary materials, what to do, words to use, connections to home and family, and books and tapes to use.

Explorer’s Guide
Helping children explore science in the world around them.

Exploring Math
Hundred of math activities for teaching young children by reinforcing a wide variety of math skills including graphing, counting, classification and number recognition.

Exploring Water with Young Children
This resource focuses on children’s explorations to help deepen their understanding of water and its properties – including concepts related to water’s flow, appearance, & effect on objects.

Fabulous Food
Songs and activities that focus on food are included in this book that features a CD.

Face Painting
“Rule number 1: In face painting, mistakes are impossible” says the authors of this book which has 83 designs, complete how-to instructions, and activities for kids to do by themselves. (You must supply your own water-based face paints.)

Faces, Legs, and Belly Buttons
Art activities for preschoolers and their grown-ups.

Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics
The innovative math program based on real life sports statistics for grades 5 and up.

Felt Board Fun
Wide range of activities designed to help children learn basic concepts, think creatively, and enjoy the holidays.

File-Folder Games for Math
Reproducible games that help kids build important math skills – independently.

Finger Frolics
Fingerplays for young children.

Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding
Different braiding patterns.

Using fingerprint analysis and sleuthing, kids can take on the role of investigators.

First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos
Seventy-five fun filled art adventures that emphasize discovering the materials, exploring the processes and “just letting it happen

First Steps Toward Teaching the Reggio Way
More than 20 early childhood professionals share their thoughts on developing programs that take their inspiration from the Reggio Emilia program.

First Time Circle Time
Circle fun time for the whole year! 52 themes, 200+ songs and finger plays, recipes, hundreds of art and craft projects.

Five Minute Crime Busters
Clever mini mysteries.

Flying and Floating
Science facts and fun experiments are featured in this kid-friendly book.

Folding Stories
Storytelling & origami together. You provide illustrations to 9 original stories with progressive origami folds; students listen or can create own models; includes instructions.

Follow the Directions and Draw It All By Yourself
This book contains 25 easy, reproducible lessons that guide kids step-by-step to draw pictures and learn the important skill of following directions.

Fostering a Sense of Wonder During the Early Childhood Years
This resource addresses theory, practical applications, and information on appropriate resources – all designed to help early childhood educators foster a sense of wonder about the natural world.

Free Stuff for Kids
Hundreds of free and up to a dollar things kids can send for by mail.

Friends and Relations: Using Literature with Social Themes Grades 3 – 5
Renowned experts on using children’s literature in the classroom recommend great books for upper elementary grades focusing on themes of friendship and family.

Friends and Relations: Using Literature with Social Themes K – 2
Renowned experts on using children’s literature in the classroom recommend great books for exploring specific social themes with kindergarten through second graders.

Friends from Around the World
Early learning activities that teach global and self-awareness.

Frontier American Activity Book
Arts, crafts, cooking and historical aids.

Fun and Games for Your SACC Program
This packet contains unoriginal, but tried and proven ideas that are enjoyable for both staff and students.

Fun and Learning for Parents and Children
This is a collection of activities that can be part of a family’s everyday life in each room of the home, outdoors, and away from home.

Fun Literacy Activities for After School Programs
A treasure trove of field-tested activities that successfully integrate literacy into an after school program.

Fun School-Age Activities
Activities for school-age children.

Fun With Books
A resource book of activities and story extenders to some of our classic children’s literature.

Funny Bones
Comedy games and activities for kids.

Galileo for Kids
School-agers will love learning about the scientist and mathematician who invented the telescope. Some of the 25 activities in this resource book include lunar observations, painting with light and shadow, and conducting a floating needle experiment.

Help children to have fun with math.

Games Babies Play
Birth to twelve months.

Games for Learning
A collection of 84 games that parents and providers can play with children. The games take a mere ten minutes or less from start to finish. You can play them anywhere – in the car, on the bus, or even at the dinner table. All you need is 10 minutes and the willingness to play.

Games to Play with Babies
A collection of 250 games that encourage healthy and fun interaction.

Games to Play with Toddlers
Enjoy fun, easy games that help toddlers learn essential skills.

Games to Play with Two Year Olds
100’s of ways to turn everyday experiences into learning experiences.

Games to Play with Two Year Olds Revised
100’s of ways to turn everyday experiences into learning experiences.

Games We Should Play in School
Explores the importance of helping school-agers develop appropriate social skills and the role of games and other forms of play in that process.

Games, Games, Games: Creating Hundreds of Group Games & Sports
Tired of playing the same games in your school-age program? This book shows leaders how to come up with variations of tried & true games to keep kids excited.

Gameworks: Learning Games To Make and Play for Ages 3-7
Features macaroni math, alpha-circles and over 50 exciting learning-through-play games.

Geography Fun
Middle school kids can have fun with over 40 activities while learning more about science, math, ecology, and geography.

Geology Rocks! 50 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Earth
This fun and easy school-age activity book features lots of neat activities such as Chocolate Chip Mining, Marbleize Before Your Eyes!, Rock Tic-Tac-Toe!, Quake Proof Contest!, and Turn That Bone to Stone!, among others.

Get It, Got It, Go
Flashcards, picture naming, rhyming, and alliteration kit, for improving children’s developmental outcomes.

Get Real Get Messy Ideas for Real Teachers
Fun, new ideas for your classroom.

Get Set For Creative Learning Success
The development of the young child’s innate creative potential is largely dependent on early environmental influences. The arts should be a natural part of everyday life.

Gizmos and Gadgets
Have fun while learning science concepts by creating over 50 different contraptions that spin, fling, collide, and whiz! (ages 7 – 14)

Gizmos and Gadgets: Ages 7-14
Creating science contraptions that work and knowing why they work.

Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World
Makes geography, culture and history real for children through direct, concrete experience by providing them with something they can hold in their hands. Over 135 projects provide exciting ways for young ones to travel the world.

Global Arts
Activities, projects, and inventions from around the world.

Go Outside! Over 130 Activities for Outdoor Adventures
This School-age book features games, activities and more. Learn how to make a rain painting, nature dyes, sun compass, and garden bath salts. Play balloon zoom, have a sock walk, play three-legged soccer and take a snow hike. Fun and simple ideas for your home or center.

Gobble Up Math
A delicious way to teach math and nutrition, this book covers concepts such as patterns, geometry, fractions and estimation – all using health foods. Grades K – 3.

Good Earth Art
Activities using recycled and natural materials that also teach environmental responsibility.

Good Going! Successful Potty Training for Children in Child Care
Straight forward and comprehensive guide to successful potty training that respects the needs of the toddler, the parents, and the caregiver.

Goodnight Toes!
Bedtime stories, lullabies, and movement games.

Gotta Have Graphs The Mailbox Preschool-Kindergarten
Over 60 Kid-Pleasing, Curriculum-Based Graphing Activities and Data Displays. Help your little learners grasp the concept of graphing as they actively collect, display, and discuss data with these hands-on activities.

Great Activities for Learning How to Use Reference Books
Helps students in grades 3-6 know which reference to choose and how to use it to locate needed information.

Great Graphs and Sensational Statistics
Games and activities that make math easy and fun.

Great Group Games
175 boredom-busting, zero-prep team builders for all ages.

Great Paper Jets
Learn to make paper planes that are modeled after some important jets that have been built.

Great Preschools: Building Developmental Assets in Early Childhood
This practical, easy-to-use guidebook provides information and a plan to help preschoolers develop the social, mental, and emotional competencies they need to succeed and thrive. (plus CD-ROM)

Great Quicksolve Whodunit Puzzles
Mini mysteries for you to solve.

Green Thumbs
With seed, some water, soil and over 80 activities to make and do both inside and outside; kids can discover the pleasure and importance of working with nature.

Guide for Recreation Leaders
An easy-to-use resource for both experienced and inexperienced recreation leaders.

Hands Around the World
365 creative ways to build cultural awareness and global respect.

Hands on Banking
Developed to teach both the basics of good money management and the skills needed to create a brighter financial future.

Hands on Banking Kids Teacher’s Guide
This book contains a curriculum developed by Wells Fargo to teach both the basics of good money management and the skills needed to create a brighter financial future. Recommended for grades 4 – 12.

Hands On Learning!
More than 1000 activities for young children using everyday objects.

Hands on Math Projects With Real Life
Applications grades 3-5.

Hands On Standards: Grades PreK Through K
Sixty-eight lesson plans, aligned to NCTM standards, teach a variety of mathematical skills; blackline masters and instructions reinforce key math concepts and visual organization; and special “Look Out!” sections let you anticipate common student difficulties within each lesson.

Healthy Me: Fun Ways to Develop Good Health and Safety Habits
Kids 5 to 8 learn all about health and safety through more than 70 fun and creative experiments, projects, and recipes.

Hey Kids! Out the Door, Let’s Explore
Walking trips are an inexpensive and enlightening way for kids to explore their community. Find out how in this book.

Hollyhocks and Honeybees
Gardening projects for young children.

Homework Assistance & Out-of-School Time and Literacy
Exploring Strategies to Enhance Learning in After-School Programs – two popular publications combined to help out-of-school time programs meet the needs of children and youth.

Honk, Honk, Rattle, Rattle
Transportation songs and activities are explored in this book/CD set.

How Buildings Work: How People Use Materials to Build Structures
Hands-on technology that explains how people apply tools, skills, and scientific knowledge to make useful buildings, strong foundations, apply various materials and make buildings fit the location and purpose.

How People Use Electricity: How Electric Energy Works
Discover what electricity is, how we use it, how it travels, the properties of magnetism, forms of energy and even ways to design an electric toy.

How the Earth Works
60 fun activities for exploring volcanoes, fossils, earthquakes, and more.

How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms
Explore the benefits of mixed differentiated instruction in this valuable resource.

How To Do Bead Work
Patterns and what types of materials to use.

How To Get Your Child to Love Reading
Activities, ideas and inspiration for exploring everything in the world through books.

How to Make Craft Recipes
Craft recipes and ideas (paper mache, dough, paints, etc.).

How to Make Pop-Up Greeting Cards
A how-to guide. Fascinating patterns and complete instructions for making 60 three-dimensional paper creations, such as Big Ben, London Bridge, geometric shapes, etc. Includes materials list and photographs of completed cards.

How to Play with Kids
Play leadership techniques for organizing and playing group games with school-agers. A guide with lots of ideas and tips for improving your “kid-relating” skills.

Hug A Tree
Things to do outdoors with young children.

Human Body
Easy how-to’s for making 20 models, manipulatives, and mini-books that will wow kids and teach about the incredible human body.

I Am! I Can! Volume II: A Preschool Curriculum
Companion book to Keys to Quality Child Care: A Guide for Directors.

I Can Do It! I Can Do It!
135 successful independent learning activities.

I Can Make a Rainbow
A 300 page book with easy-to-follow art and craft projects. Provides lots of ideas for paint, chalk, cloth, yarn, etc.

I Know What’s Next!
Preschool Transitions Without Tears or Turmoil-offers guidelines that help preschool teachers understand transitions from the child’s point of view as well as a host of ideas for making transitions go smoothly.

I Will Be Your Friend: Songs and Activities for Young Peacemakers
This resource is from Teaching Tolerance and includes a 26 song CD and 130 page activity book for grades K – 5.

Impact Quality
Fostering a Learning Environment for After-School Staff.

Inclusion Activities That Work Grades 3-5
Tools for teaching identical content to students with diverse abilities.

Inclusion Activities That Work Grades K-2
Tools for teaching identical content to students with diverse abilities.

Incredible Edible Science
Recipes for developing science and literacy skills.

Indoor Action Games for Elementary Children
Over 200 games for elementary teachers to use in classroom space. These are great activities for cafeterias and other areas of limited space.

Indoor and Outdoor Games and Activities
Compiled from Summer Sizzlers & Magic Mondays and Incredible Indoor Games books.

Infant & Toddler Development
An in-depth guide to the underlying ages and stages, theories, and best practices of the early childhood field, so you can create opportunities for infants and toddlers to learn and teachers to teach.

Infant and Toddler Experiences
Guide to making the most of caregiving interactions with children.

Infant Toddler Caregiving A Guide to Setting Up Environments
Designed to improve the quality of infant toddler child care. The information presented will help caregivers set up environments that facilitate the development of close, caring relationships.

Infant/ Toddler Learning & Development Program Guidelines
Offers a coherent framework for extending the benefits of high-quality care and education to all young children.

A book for parents and caregivers to introduce their children to the joy of learning.

Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale
An easy-to-use evaluation instrument that will answer questions about the adequacy of group care for children under two years of age.

Infants & Toddlers Curriculum and Teaching Third Edition
Based on the CDA competency standards.

Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers
A curriculum of respectful, responsive care and education.

Innovations- Infant Teachers Guide
Comprehensive manual that is an invaluable guide to implementing the best infant curriculum.

Innovations- Toddler Teachers Guide
Comprehensive manual that is invaluable guide to implementing the best toddler curriculum.

Insects & Spiders
Curious critters of the natural world for grades 4-7.

Instructor’s Great Idea Book
106 teacher-favorite activities.

Integrating Environmental Education and Science
A guide on how to organize curriculum in a way that synthesizes all different educational reform ideas and how to design learning opportunities that carry out these reform ideas.

Investigating Science With Young Children
Practical, timely, and enjoyable.

Joyful Play with Toddlers
Recipes for fun with odds and ends.

Jumbo Book of Games
Over 250 games to energize the mind and body.

Jump for Joy! Over 375 Creative Movement Activities for Young Children
14 sections of activities are organized according to the equipment needed. Each lesson includes warm-up activities and individual, partner, and group challenges.

Jump into Foods & Fitness
Guide to help children develop healthier lifestyles that will improve their overall health.

Jump Into Literacy: Active Learning for Preschool Children
Over 100 active games to engage the whole child in moving and playing as a ways to develop the literacy skills needed for reading and writing.

Jump Into Math
Active math activities for preschool children.

Jump Starters
Quick classroom activities that develop self-esteem, creativity, and cooperation.

Junkyard Sports
More than 75 innovative, creative and challenging demonstration games in 6 traditional team sports.

Junkyard Sports: Make Sports Fun Again
Here’s a nontraditional approach to traditional team sports that emphasizes fun, creativity, teamwork and more.

Just Imagine Dressing-Up
Detailed instructions for making costumes out of everyday materials and 9 scripts for acting out stories from around the world.

Key Skills Workbook: Grade 1
From the Junior Academic Series, math, reading, phonics, and word builders.

Kid Concoctions and Contraptions
Quickly duplicate popular toy store concoctions and contraptions with common household items for just pennies; dozens of wacky, wild, and creative recipes for creating exciting projects.

Kid’s America
400 pages of elaborate projects and themes to complement regular activities. This book is perfect for the experienced caregiver who is tired of the same old activities.

Kid’s Book of Incredibly Fun Crafts
More than thirty-five unusual crafting experiences using sound and light, weaves and knots, and more.

Kid’s Crazy Concoctions
Fifty mysterious mixtures for art and craft fun.

Kid’s Guide to African-American History
More than seventy hands-on activities, songs, and games to teach children about the people, experiences, and events that have shaped African-American history.

Kid’s Guide to Service Projects
Over 500 service project ideas that show children how they can make a difference and solve problems in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

Kid’s Guide to Social Action
A book to help kids actively engage in positive social change.

Kid’s Nature Book
Nature activities for every day of the year.

Kids Camp!
Activities for the backyard or wilderness.

Kids Crazy Concoctions
50 mysterious mixtures for art and craft fun.

Kids in Motion
Provides physical activity experiences that teach coordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and endurance. This 101-page book with cassette for ages 3-9 helps develop creativity, expressions, imagination and self-esteem.

Kids Make Music! Clapping and Tapping from Bach to Rock!
Through a variety of music styles, kids dance, conduct, invent lyrics, and even build their own homemade instruments.

Kids Making Music!
Clapping and tapping from Bach to Rock.

Kids Nature Book
365 indoor/ outdoor activities and experiences for children to learn about nature.

Kids to the Rescue
First aid techniques for kids – simple how-to’s that teach school-agers to react appropriately in emergency situations until help arrives.

Kids Write!
A “kids can” creative writing book.

Kids’ America
Jam-packed with activities, projects, tales and legends that you can make and do.

Kids’ Crazy Art Concoctions
50 mysterious mixtures for art and craft fun! Children mix up paints, doughs, pastes, even their own paper to use for more than 90 activities.

Kid-Tastic Birthday Parties
The complete party planner for today’s kids.

Kidz Math Games
Turn numbers into child’s play with twenty interactive math games for children ages 5-8 (grades K-2).

Kinder Centers For Reading Readiness
10 hands on centers with nursery rhyme themes.

Knights and Damsels
One of a history set that includes an activity guide to the Middle Ages.

Ladders to Literacy
This book is designed to help children develop early literacy skills through activities that can be incorporated into programs for children at risk for reading failure, including children with disabilities.

Landscapes for Learning
Designing group care environments for infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds.

Language Arts Centers: Riddles & Rhymes
Strategies for helping children master the basic language skills.

A handbook of classroom ideas to motivate the teaching of preschool and kindergarten children.

Leading After-School Learning Communities
Identifies six standards that NAESP believe principals should know and be able to do as leaders of after-school learning.

Learn and Play in the Garden
Games, crafts, and activities for children.

Learn and Play the Green Way
Don’t throw it away—use it for play!

Learn and Play the Recycle Way: Homemade Toys that Teach
Contains over 100 homemade teaching tools created from recycled materials.

Learn To Draw 3-D
Step by step guide to perspective drawing.

Learning & Caring about Our World
Activities to help young children learn and care about their environment.

Learning About Animals
A fun resource of reproducible pages to teach children about different types of animals.

Learning Activities for Infants and Toddlers: An Easy Guide for Home Care Providers
Offers caregivers more than 100 hands-on activities that support young children’s development in all areas.

Learning Centers
Open ended activities.

Learning from Nature
Cross –Cultural Activities to Foster Creative and Critical Thinking in Science, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies & Creative Arts—Over 50 units are explored for elementary age children, helping them to think critically about the world in which they live through nature exploration.

Learning Language and Loving It
This guide provides a step-by-step approach to promoting children’s social, language, and literacy development across educational settings.

Learning Letters Through All Five Senses
By including all the senses we can help children learn with their entire bodies. In this way, children not only learn the basic building blocks of language, but also experience it.

Learning Through Play Blocks
Describes the ways that children learn through block play from 2-5 years of age.

Learning Through Play Cooking
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play Dramatic Play
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play Language
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play Math
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play Music & Movement
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play Problem Solving
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play Sand, Water, Clay & Wood
A practical guide for teaching young children.

Learning Through Play: Art
This book discusses fostering creative expression in young children, setting up your art center, safety first in the art center, variety is the spice of art, talking to families about creative art, and more.

Learning Through Play: Science
This book discusses the adult’s role in fostering science discovery, hands-on themes for young scientists, exploring science with special needs children, sharing science with families, and more.

Lessons for Literacy: Promoting Preschool Success
A comprehensive program that promotes positive literacy growth using developmentally appropriate activities and helps educators identify, assess, and facilitate the development of preschoolers’ early literacy skills over time.

Lessons From Turtle Island
Native curriculum in early childhood classrooms.

Let’s Build an Invention
A step-by-step guide to creating a variety of inventions.

Let’s Make Presents
A step-by-step guide to great gifts.

Let’s Pretend Masks
Fairy tales and animals for plays, parades and other fun.

Let’s Read About: Finding Books They’ll Love to Read
This book will help you to discover your child’s interests, find the books to meet your child’s interests, and move your child along if he/she is in a reading rut.

Letter Getters for Language Development and Thinking Fun
100 activities motivate youngsters to read and write, and encourage rigorous, deductive thinking. Students look at a sketch and must finish a sentence by using the letters at the bottom of each activity.

Linking Language
A resource filled with practical everyday activities to link language development and literacy to eight interest areas such as sand and water, science, math, and dramatic play.

Links to Learning: A Curriculum Planning Guide for After-School Programs
This book provides an overview of learning and child development; offers tips and tools for selecting, planning, developing and evaluating after-school activities; and demonstrates how to link these activities to sample learning and quality standards.

Literacy Play
40 dramatic play areas (with over 300 activities) including Detective, Banker, Car Wash, Laundry Day, Pizza Parlor, and Restaurant. Each center has a specific literacy objective. Includes reproducible props.

Look What You Can Make with Paper Bags
Simple step-by-step instructions and a wealth of ideas provide hours of craft-making fun for kids of all ages.

Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

Magic Capes, Amazing Powers
In depth look at why children are so strongly attracted to superhero and weapons play, as well as, the concerns of parents and teachers.

Magic Mixtures
Over 70 recipes to make your own art materials. Recipes are given for cooked, uncooked, and edible variations.

Magic School Bus: Activity Guide
This guide is a supplement to the animated science adventure series aired on PBS. It is geared to six-to-nine-year-olds with educational and entertainment appeal for those younger and older.

Easy recipes to use with young children
Mailbox Idea Magazine for Teachers

Make Crafts!
Resource will help kids develop their own special talents, and uncover their unique abilities through fun filled projects.

Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive; Connecting Your Practice and Curriculum to State Guidelines
Provides practical help, support, and clear explanations on how to make early learning standards relevant and useful in classrooms and programs.

Make it Work! Photography
The hands on approach to science – ages 8-12.

Make Way for Literacy! Teaching the Way Young Children Learn
Practical curriculum-enhancing literacy engagements containing suggestions for setting up and using a low-cost or no-cost, learner-centered physical and social environment.

Make Your Own Playdough, Paint and Other Craft Materials
Easy recipes to use with young children

Make-Take: Easy To Make Fun To Play Games
Find out how to make games and use them in ways to expand your child’s mind.

Making and Keeping Friends
Ready to use lessons, stories, and activities for building relationships for grades 4-8.

Making Books with Pockets
help children with their creative writing by making books about America, Space and Transportation.

Making Cool Crafts & Awesome Art
A kids’ treasure trove of fabulous fun.

Making It Better
Activities for children living in a stressful world.

Making Make-Believe: Fun Props, Costumes and Creative Play Ideas
This idea book lets adults help children experience the magic of make-believe play. More than 125 activities.

Making Prints
How to carry out simple printing methods, from relief printing and stenciling to marbling mono printing.

Making Sounds, Making Music and Many Other Activities for Infants
Music fun and learning for infants from 7 to 12 months.

Making the Most of Summer
A Handbook on Effective Summer Programming and Thematic Learning.

Making Things
The handbook of creative discovery that emphasizes learning by doing and encourages readers to use everyday objects in new ways.

Making Toys for Infants and Toddlers: Using Ordinary Stuff for Extraordinary Play
Describes hundreds of ideas for making open-ended props and toys using boxes, gloves, bags, hosiery and socks, and other recyclable materials.

Curious critters of the natural world for grades 4-7.

Maps and Mapping
Geography facts and fun experiments are featured in this kid-friendly book.

Marvelous Me: Ages 5 to 8
An activity book for children to create an “All About Me” book.

Masterpieces for Teachers
Desktop Art- reproducible art, teacher stationary and student story starters.

Practical and innovative teacher tested math units compiled into one easy-to-use resource. This book includes fun and helpful creative ideas for math centers, manipulatives, games, reproducible skill sheets, patterns and more.

Math Activities A To Z
Presents a detailed lesson plan format of open-ended activities. The activities are easy-to-understand and follow (for ages one and up).

Math Art Projects and Activities
Dozens of creative projects to explore math concepts and build essential skills.

Math at Their Own Pace
Child directed activities for developing early number sense.

Math Explorer
Tricks, experiments, puzzles, cool tools, and toys to make things that fly.

Math Games & Activities
math games for ages 9 and up.

Math Games and Activities from Around the World
More than 70 math activities with multicultural themes that utilize geometry, probability, analysis skills and logic.

Math in Minutes
This introduction to early math concepts for early childhood has fun, simple activities that correspond to the National Council of Teachers of Mathemetics Standards.

Math Mats & Moore
Learning comes alive with these interactive math mats based on 20 engaging, kid-pleasing themes.

Mathematics: The Creative Curriculum Approach
Shows how and why mathematics can and should be part of children’s everyday experiences and activities. Small group. Large group. One on one.

Me, My Family and Friends
Explore the fun of friendship with this music and activity guide that includes a CD.

Measure, Pour, and Mix Kitchen Science Tricks
Here are 32 fun experiments that young children can perform in the kitchen with things they find around the house.

Mega-Fun Card Game Math
25 games and activities that help kids practice multiplication, fractions, decimals and more with a deck of cards. Grades 3-5

Messes, Mixtures, and More
Activities and recipes for hours of fun.

Messing Around with Drinking Straw Construction
How to build models of houses, bridges and tall buildings out of drinking straws and other materials. Experiments for determining relationship between shape and strength.

Mind Builders
Multidisciplinary challenges for cooperative team-building and competition.

Mini-Scavenger Hunts
Reproducible activity cards that help kids build internet research skills as they find fascinating facts in social studies, science, math & language areas.

Mister Roger’s Plan and Play Book
685 fun-filled activities for kids of all ages.

Mister Rogers’ Talks With Parents
Ideas for parents on how to cope with many everyday and extra ordinary situations in order to help make life with their children more rewarding.

Mister Rogers’ Plan and Play Book
685 fun-filled activities for kids of all ages. Each activity has a number that matches a Mister Rogers’ television show.

Model a Monster
Making dinosaurs from everyday materials.

Monsters, Magic, and Make Believe
A whole language approach to teaching thinking skills.

Month-by-Month Treasure Box
Activities for the whole year, as well as recipes, storage ideas, preparation tips, and simple techniques for cleaning up.

Month-By-Month Arts & Crafts
Art and craft ideas for September, October and November.

More Brain Puzzlers
Creative, fun, and unique activities to emphasize creative thinking skills for ages 8-12.

More Infant and Toddler Experiences
creative suggestions for interactions that strengthen both the developing child and the learning caregiver.

More Moving Experiences
Connecting arts, feelings, and imagination.

More Mudpies to Magnets
Easy to use hands on science experiments and activities.

More One-Hour Mysteries
Five exciting mysteries that challenge middle-school kids and sharpen their deductive reasoning skills.

More Prime Time Activities with Kids
Activities designed to strengthen a child’s positive self-image through enjoyable experiences with the adults in his/her life.

More Story Stretchers
450 all-new teaching ideas using 90 more of the most popular children’s books. 18 different curriculum units have been designed to instill a love of learning and fondness for good books.

More than Counting
Math activities for preschool and kindergarten.

More Than Letters
Literacy activities for preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

More than Moccasins
One of a history set with activity guide to traditional North American life.

More Than Singing
Discovering music in preschool and kindergarten. Over 100 music activities and a CD.

More Things To Do With Toddlers and Two’s
A valuable, relevant and timely resource to give a clear overview of development and provide stimulating and calming ideas for play and learning.

More Toddlers Together Vol. II
The Complete Planning Guide For A Toddler Curriculum.

Mother Goose Fun For Everyone!
Over 150 activities, 29 illustrated rhymes and whole language activities.

Motion: How Moving Objects Interact
17 lessons exploring what motion is all about, what makes it change, how machines effect motion and much more.

Mountains and Volcanoes
Geography facts and fun experiments are featured in this kid-friendly book.

Much More Than Counting: More Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
A sequel to the popular resource offering ideas for games and activities.

Much More Than Counting: Whole Math Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten
This book is filled with unusual games and fun activities that have proven superior in facilitating children’s construction and mathematical knowledge.

Mudpies to Magnets
This book has 112 ready-to-use science experiments. Each one provides direct, hands-on learning activities which young children can experience themselves.

Creative clay, dough, and modeling experiences.

Mudworks (bilingual edition)
Creative clay, dough, and modeling experiences.

Multicultural Games
75 games from 43 cultures.

Multicultural Programs
Find out how to promote cross-cultural sharing in your classroom, bridge home-school differences, create a daily routine that maximizes language and literacy-learning opportunities and more.

Music A Way of Life for the Young Child Fourth Edition
Music for children of all ages.

Music and Movement in the Classroom
The music of Greg and Steve in the classroom.

Music In Our Lives
Meaningful and enjoyable musical experiences for young children.

My Own Fun
A fun and learning book full of projects and activities.

Mystery Festival
Two compelling mysteries where student detectives conduct forensic science tests on evidence found at a “crime scene” when work together to seek their solution.

NASA Space Program
Activity books and teachers guide.

Natural Playscapes
Creating outdoor play environments for the soul.

Nature in a Nutshell
Covers aspects of the natural world, including rocks, minerals, plants, animals, ecology, the stars, and more.

Nature in Your Backyard: Simple Activities for Children
Discover simple activities involving insects, worms, backyard animals, seeds, plants and soil, air and water.

Newspaper Theatre
Creative play production for low budgets and no budgets.

Nifty, Thrifty, No Sew Costumes and Props
Enhance the power of imaginary play while using household materials.

No Biting: Policy and Practice for Toddler Programs
“How to” manual for every toddler program seeking to address biting incidents from developmental, emotional, and practical perspectives.

No Bored Babies
A guide to making developmental toys for baby’s birth to age two.

No Fail Art Projects
100 success-oriented lessons for the primary grades.

No Gym? No Problem!
Offers nearly 100 games and activities that can be done safely in limited space environments or when poor weather or lack of access to indoor gym space makes it difficult for children to be physically active every day.

No Standing Around in My Gym
A physical education guide that teaches school-age children basic fitness concepts, movement skills and games that emphasize creative thinking and cooperation.

No Time To Waste
An action agenda for school-age child care.

NSACA: Pilot Standards for Quality School-Age Child Care
The standards are designed to describe “best practice” in out-of-school programs for children and youth between the ages of 5 and 14. They will be used to assess programs applying for NSACA accreditation.

Number Jugglers: Math
Over twenty games that encourage children to think, reason, and create with numbers.

Activity guide for ages 6-9.

Oh Yuck! Encyclopedia
Body odor, lice, scabs, and other entries that no middle school boy or girl can resist.

Ohio Professionals For School Age Care
An activity packet with handouts for school age programs around the state.

Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards –Math
Teaching young learners with the Ohio Early Mathematics Standards in mind.

Ohio’s Infant & Toddler Guidelines
The guide to ensuring that all Ohio’s children, birth to three, have responsive, reciprocal and respectful care.

Old Testament Days
One of a history set with an activity guide to life in Egypt.

On Stage: Theater Games and Activities for Kids
Dramatic play ideas from improvisation games to prop ideas to monologues and short scenes for young actors.

One Hour Mysteries
Five exciting mysteries that children 9 and up can find fun in solving. Teaches deductive reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical thinking.

One Small Square: Backyard
This eye-opening series examines just one small square at a time, putting nature into perspective for children aged 6-9. In the backyard series, children can make an “outdoor,” indoor aquarium, leaf rubbing and growing mold. Short, colorful and easy to read.

One Small Square: Cave
This eye-opening series examines just one small square at a time, putting nature into perspective for children aged 6-9. In the cave series, children can make a cave in a box, and create a funnel which shows why bats have big ears, among other activities. Short, colorful and easy to read.

One Small Square: Pond
This eye-opening series examines just one small square at a time, putting nature into perspective for children aged 6-9. In the pond series, children can make a pond diorama and try a

One Small Square: Seashore
This eye-opening series examines just one small square at a time, putting nature into perspective for children aged 6-9. In the seashore series, children can make shell tracings along with a seashore in a box. Short, colorful and easy to read.

One Small Square: Wetlands
This eye-opening series examines just one small square at a time, putting nature into perspective for children aged 6-9. This book explores swamps. Short, colorful and easy to read.

Open the Door Let’s Explore More!: Field Trips of Discovery for Young Children
Activities to do before, during and after field trips to reinforce learning while having fun.

Outdoor Action Games for Elementary Children
Active games & academic activities for fun and fitness.

Outdoor Play Every Day
Innovative play concepts for early childhood.

Outrageous Outdoor Games Book
Over 130 outdoor group games and activities. Includes games in the sun, in the snow, in tight spots and wide-open spaces. For all day activities or just short fill-in games.

Outstanding Art
Imaginative three-dimensional art and sculpture.

Painting Things
From finger painting to sponging stencils, Painting Things is lots of fun. Dib, Dab, and Dob are here to show you how it’s done.

Paper Folding Fun
50 awesome crafts to weave, twist, and curl.

Paper Masks and Puppets
A book with stories, songs, and plays. Combines art and language by creating paper masks and puppets.

Parachute Games
60 different parachute games.

Parachute Play
Ideas for basic techniques, self-confidence, coordination, and much more.

Parachute Play for Indoor/ Outdoor Fun
East activities, year round games and exercises, and seasonal and holiday fun for ages 3-8.

Partners in Play
Creative homemade toys for toddlers.

PE 2 the Max: Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun
30 cutting edge games for elementary and middle school classes with as few as 16 students and as many as 80.

Contains a captivating whole language, thematic unit about emphasizing peace, not war. Its 80 exiting reproducible pages are gilled with a wide variety of lesson ideas designed for use with intermediate children.

Peekaboo Morning
A toddler plays a game of peekaboo and you’re invited to play too!

Peep and the Big Wide World Explorer’s Guide
Helping children explore science in the world around them. (The Peep Explorer’s Guide is about everyday science in the world around us and invites children to experience the joys of curiosity and discovery.)

Perfect Poems for Teaching Phonics
Delightful poems, lively lessons and reproducible activities that teach key phonics skills and concepts.

Phonemic Awareness Songs & Rhymes PreK-1
Get kids singing, chanting, and learning. Songs and rhymes teach letter sounds, skill-building activities, rhyme, oral blending, and more! CD with reproducible song sheets. For kids of all learning styles.

Physics for Every Kid
101 easy experiments in motion, heat, light, machines and sound.

Picture Book Activities
Fun and favorite games for preschoolers based on 50 favorite children’s books.

Picture This: Digital and Instant Photography Activities for Early Childhood Learning
Put children at the center of the learning process using a camera and simple computer equipment. Make games, record field trips, illustrate stories, develop a slide show, and much more.

Pilot Standards for Quality School-Age Child Care
National School-Age Care Alliance.

Places for Childhoods
A collection of Jim Greenman’s “Living in the Real World” columns.

Places for Preschool and Primary (Indoors)
Based on experience, observations, and research in, of, and about programs for groups of children.

Places for Preschool and Primary (Outdoors)
Planning for play structures and outdoor spaces and places.

Planning Around Children’s Interests
Ideas for identifying and using children’s interests as creative inspiration.

Planning for Success
A teacher’s guide to provide you with information that will help you organize the best possible early childhood experience for all children in your care.

Plans & Patterns for Preschool
Provides Early Childhood teachers with ideas, patterns, plans and activities for creating a stimulating classroom.

Play and Learn with Arthur
This resource lists ideas and activities to use in conjunction with the television series “Arthur.” It is to help expand the ideas presented in the show.

Play Kits
To help you prepare dramatic play materials and activities for young children with a list of books that go with each activity.

Play Together Grow Together
A curriculum to develop social skills and encourage cooperative values.

Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice
Provides the information, guidance, and support you need to understand the vast impact and significance play has on young children.

Playing Smart: A Parent’s Guide to Enriching
Not just craft projects! Includes thinking games, brainstorming, working with paradoxes and solving physical problems. Multi-cultural section encourages in-depth exploration of people. Off beat learning activities for ages 4-14.

Playing: A Kid’s Curriculum
1,001 activities for ages 2-6.

A resource that gives you easy to use patterns and projects to create playtime props for a store, garage, etc.

Poking, Pinching, & Pretending: Documenting Toddlers’ Explorations with Clay
Inspired by Reggie Emilia and investigates how one group of infants and toddlers learn about clay as an early “language”.

Pom-Pom Stories
Easy to create characters and original stories.

Positioning for Play
Teaches parents and caregivers therapeutic play activities to stimulate and develop motor skills in young children.

Powerful Allies
Discusses collaboration with afterschool programs, service-learning, and community education.

Practical Plays
6 easy plays to do for grades 1 through 5.

Preschool Appropriate Practices
Appropriate developmental activities for different areas of development and learning.

Preschool Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product
Over 200 imaginative art experiences. Ideas for drawing, painting, sculpting with dough and clay, and crafts/construction. Activities arranged by seasons and divided by months.

Preschool Classroom Management
Provides 150 techniques and suggestions to prevent behavior problems before they happen and to provide solutions when they do.

Preschool Math
Children will love learning about math concepts with these 140 activities that bring math to life into the classroom.

Preschool Readers and Writers
Early literacy strategies for teachers.

Primary Art: It’s the process, not the product
Artistic ideas for children to get creative.

Private “I”
Helps all young detectives develop an awareness of their own their own personal talents.

Problem Solving
A basic mathematics goal from the Ohio Department of Education.

Program Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers
A manual intended for self-evaluation and peer review in child care and early education settings.

Project Learning Tree: Environmental Education Activity Guide for PreK to 8
Like Project WET and WILD, this incredible resource, used in the popular workshops, teaches kids about trees through fun hands-on activities.

Project WILD: K-12 Activity Guide
The book provided in the popular workshops is an exceptional resource for learning about wildlife.

Projects for Spring
Spring and holiday activities.

Projects for Summer
Summer and holiday activities for school age children.

Prop Box Play
50 themes to inspire dramatic play.

Public Playground Safety Handbook
By following the recommended guidelines in this handbook, you and your community can create a safer playground environment for all children and continue to the reduction of playground related injuries and deaths.

Puddles and Wings and Grapevine Swings
Nature activities and crafts at your fingertips. Includes crafts for all seasons; games and activities for the backyard or wide open spaces; things to grow; 300 pages of exciting ways to use nature’s materials!

Pun and Games
Jokes, riddles, daffynitions, tairy fales, rhymes, and more word play.

Puppets Friends at Your Finger Tips
Easy to make puppets.

Puzzle Place
An activity book filled with many ideas to use with the children’s television program “Puzzle Place.”

Quick and Easy Ideas for Teachers
A collection of easy ideas for elementary/ school age teachers.

Quicksolve Whodunit Puzzles
Challenging mini mysteries.

Quiet Time
Ideas for preschool.

Activity guide for ages 6-9.

Rainy Days & Saturdays
Over 150 activities for days when children can’t go outside. Includes sections ranging from mysterious fun to scientific stuff, creative thinking to magic tricks.

Rattle Time, Face to Face, and Many Other Activities for Infants
Encourage infant development with this activity guide covering birth to six months.

Read Across America
Exploring 7 U.S. Regions Through Popular Children’s Literature – Take children on a cross-country tour using good books. This project based book gives Read-aloud book selections, theme based activities and ideas for environments to enjoy in your classroom. Includes student pages, activity pages, discussion ideas, and Parent Connection activity.

Read It! Play It! With Babies and Toddlers
Helps caregivers build literacy through reading

Read to Me: Raising Kids Who Love to Read
Discusses when to start reading to your child, how to use television wisely, and how to make a reader out of your child. It also includes an expanded list of read-aloud books for preschoolers to preteens.

Ready to Use Activities for Before and After School Programs
Easy to use activities that are both challenging and relaxing for children. Includes arts, crafts, songs, science and nature.

Ready, Set, Read
Building a love of letters and literacy through fun phonics activities.

Real World Connections
Theme based resources and activities for working with 9-12 year olds

Recharge! Energizing After School
Action for healthy kids.

Recycled Crafts Box
Children can have fun turning trash into treasures by creating works of art while recycling paper, plastic, metal, and fabric items.

Recycling Two-Liter Containers for the Teaching of Science
Creative ideas of using recycled two-liter bottles for the teaching of science.

Reflecting Children’s Lives: A Handbook for Planning Child-Centered Curriculum
Rethink your ideas about scheduling, observation, play, materials, space, and emergent themes with these original approaches. Each chapter ends with an inspiring story by a teacher like you.

Relationship and Communication Activities
Includes 90 ready to use worksheets for grades 7-12.

Repertoire: The Choice Detective Curriculum Teacher’s Manual
Created to help keep teachers sane and to help you to actively encourage the development of happy successful adults.

Reptiles & Amphibians
Curious critters of the natural world for grades 4-7.

Resources for Dramatic Play
Includes 26 play themes, from Flower Shop to Tea Party, with props, suggested furniture and costumes, play possibilities, hints for the teacher and ideas for extending the themes into other areas of the classroom or home.

Responding to Infants:
The Infant Activity Manual 6-30 months-an activity guide for what babies will be able to do from 6-30 months of age in all domains of learning.

Rethinking the Brain
New insights into early development.

Rhyming Books, Marble Painting and Many Other Activities for Toddlers
Activities for toddlers from 25 to 36 months are outlined.

Riddles and Rhymes
Language Arts centers for grades one to three.

Right Stuff for Children Birth to 8
What play and learning materials are most beneficial to children of different ages and the key features to look for in each item.

Rings, Swings, and Climbing Things
Thirty-five illustrated easy-to-make projects to enhance development.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots
Grow a garden indoors or outdoors with this book featuring 12 easy-to-implement theme gardens. Includes extras such as Top 20 Plants for Kids, recipes, and more.

Routines and Transitions: A Guide for Early Childhood Professionals
In addition to discussions on developmental issues, environments, educational values, and hygiene, this book includes examples of games and rhymes that help children accomplish daily transitions with ease.

Rub a Dub-Dub Science in the Tub
Fun experiments that toddlers and preschoolers can perform in the bathtub or sink with everyday household items.

S.A.F.E. Play Areas
Resource for facility managers, administrators, and play supervisors in any playground or play area. This all-in-one guide explores the four components of the thoroughly tested, easy-to-implement S.A.F.E. model.

Sand and Water Play
Sand and water play offers more than 70 ways to use your sand and water table to teach science, math, art and other activities.

Sandbox Scientist
Young children are natural scientists at play. While they bake mud pies and measure water they are observing and developing science skills as well as having fun.

Sandwich Bag Science
Find out how an empty sandwich bag can be jam-packed with science in this collection of 25 easy, hands-on activities that teach key concepts in physical, earth, and life sciences. Grades 4 – 8.

Sanity Savers for Early Childhood Teachers
From help for cleaning up messes to tips for fixing budget crunches, this book has over 200 quick and easy hints for running your classroom more smoothly.

Save the Animals! Activities and Patterns for an Ecology Unit
Students will love exploring the natural world by making unique crafts, reading literature links, conducting science experiments, and performing shows.

School Age Ideas and Activities for After School Programs
Over 140 activities and games.

School –Age NOTES
The Newsletter for After-School and School-Age Care Professionals.

School Days
School themes are explored through songs and music. Book includes CD.

School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale
Easy to use resource for defining high-quality care and assessing levels of quality in child care programs offered by schools and other organizations.

School-Age Child Care Activity Fair
Fun activities for school-age care.

School-Age Child Care: An action manual for the 90’s and beyond
Brings current best practices, thinking and a fresh perspective to areas of administration, scheduling, mission, funding, legal issues and curriculum.

School-Age Ideas and Activities for After School Programs
Helpful hints, tips and strategies for programming school-age care, plus over 140 activities and games that are program tested.

School’s Out
Help children 6-12 develop the other three R’s; Resource, Responsibility, and Reliability during their out of school hours with the ideas and information in this useful book.

Science Activities A To Z
Presents a detailed lesson plan format of open-ended activities. The activities are easy-to-understand and follow (for ages one and up).

Science Adventures: Nature Activities for Young Children
With more than 125 activities, this book will open up a world of exploration through nature activities, in all types of settings.

Science Arts
Discover science through art experiences.

Science Experiences for the Early Childhood Years Second Edition
To stimulate inquiry and provide children with satisfying problem solving opportunities.

Science Experiments You Can Eat
Incredible, edible experiments.

Science Fun
Explore the wonders of science through meaningful individual, small-group and whole class exercises.

Science in Seconds for Kids
108 activities that can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Science in the Making at the Margin
This book explores gardening and other methods for teaching science and math in an afterschool program.

Science is Simple
Over 250 activities encourage children to experience the world around them. Offers activities like rock collecting, watching a mantis hatch, exploring mirrors, discovering fossils, and much more.

Science on a Shoestring
Teach science with little background and few supplies; hands-on investigations develop concepts with inexpensive materials.

Science Play
Encourage children to discover, sort, observe, predict, and create with these 65+ age-appropriate activities. With this resource, children will discover science all around them.

S-E-A-L-S + Plus: Self Esteem and Life Skills
These reproducible activity-based handouts created for teachers and counselors are recommended for use with middle and high school students.

Seasonal Activities
A collection of activities from Border Lines, Doodles & Oodles of Art, The Intermediate Mailbox, More Prime Time Activities, Paint without Brushes, and School-Age Notes.

Seasonal Fun
Educational activities, original songs and sugarless snack recipes.

Seasonal Ideas for Teachers
A collection of seasonal ideas for elementary/ school age teachers.

SEDL Afterschool Training Tool Kit: Homework
An instructor’s guide.

SEDL Afterschool Training Tool Kit: Literacy
An instructor’s guide.

SEDL Afterschool Training Tool Kit: Math
An instructor’s guide.

SEDL Afterschool Training Tool Kit: Science
An instructor’s guide.

SEDL Afterschool Training Tool Kit: Technology
An instructor’s guide.

See How They Grow: Infants and Toddlers
This book leads to the full examination of how children grow and change rapidly in all the domains: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and language.

Seeing Infants With New Eyes
A resource for infant educators.

Seismic Sleuths
A teacher’s guide to earthquakes for grades 7-12. Through brainstorming and new contacts within the community, students move from planning for their own safety to learning firsthand about critical facilities and lifeline systems that serve large numbers of people.

Service Learning in Grades K-8: Experiential Learning That Builds Character and Motivation
Curriculum and community-based programs are highlighted that help to build academic, social and citizenship skills in all students!

Shakespeare for Kids
An introduction to appreciating and understanding Shakespeare’s lasting legacy.

Shakespeare in American Communities
Package includes Teacher’s Guide, Recitation Contest Booklet, audio CD, Video and timeline poster.

Show Time!
Music, dance, and drama activities for kids.

Showy Science
Over 175 science activities for kids grades 3-6. Most use ordinary household objects with step by-step directions and careful explanations of scientific principles.

Sign & Singalong: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Help children develop a basic sign language vocabulary by singing familiar nursery rhymes while singing along (child’s thick book – one song).

Sign Out Science
Create portable science experiments, each in its own bag, that kids can check out to do at home. More than 20 simple hands-on activities encourage kids to use scientific skills, like classifying, measuring, predicting, or making models.

Sign to Learn
Learn how to integrate American Sign Language (ASL) into the early childhood classroom to enhance the academic, social, & emotional development of children & to respectfully introduce children to Deaf culture.

Signs for Me: Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents, and Teachers
Designed for anyone new to sign language. Use sign language to increase appreciation of the language process of children who are hearing impaired.

Simple Steps
Developmental activities for infants, toddlers, and two year olds.

Simple Transitions for Infants and Toddlers
Gives teachers a wealth of ideas and activities to help the children move through the day, but also a deeper understanding of the developmental stages of this age group.

Simply Fun
A collection of traditional games handed down from generation to generation going back to the day when playing required little or no equipment, but lots of imagination.

Sing! Play! Create!
Help kids blossom by turning how they learn, play, and express themselves into practical, fun early learning experiences.

Singuini: Noodling Around with Silly Songs
School Agers will enjoy singing silly songs such as Snot Is Not the Proper Subject for a Song, Her Poodle Likes Noodles, and Tuna Fish Ice Cream. This book has the sheet music to get you started.

Smart Art Ideas
Creative lessons plans with learning outcomes.

Smart Toys
77 easy to make toys to stimulate babies from birth to two.

Snack Sneak: Logic Games, Mysteries and Quests
Not a book about preparing snacks! Clues and codes are left to challenge kids to use logic and deductive reasoning to solve mysteries, find treasures and answer riddles.

Snow Watch
Experiments, activities and things to do with snow.

Soda Bottle Science
A thermometer, a water-cycle, a wave machine,– some of the things kids can make out of a simple soda bottle, 25 activities that teach key concepts in physical, earth, and life sciences. Grades 4 – 8.

Solids and Liquids
Science facts and fun experiments are featured in this kid-friendly book.

Solids and Liquids
Science facts and fun experiments are featured in this kid-friendly book.

Songs, Poems, & Fingerplays

Sorting Shapes, Show Me, and Many Other Activities for Toddlers
A range of activities for toddlers aged 13 to 24 months are highlighted in this resource.

Space Station Science
Learn about life in space and try a few of the supporting activities!

Inventive exercises to sharpen skills and raise achievement (Grades 6-8)

All you need for a spider unit in your program.

Splish Splash: Water Fun for Kids
Here are more than 120 fun-in-the-sun water frolics (and a few for cold weather, too) – games, activities, crafts, water toys, and more, for toddlers to teens.

Sports Science
40 goal scoring, high flying, medal winning experiments for kids.

Spotlight on Young Children and Math
Strategies to introduce key math concepts, foster problem solving and mathematical thinking, and encourage use of the math across the curriculum.

Squish, Sort, Paint and Build
This critical resource includes over 200 activities to enrich classroom learning centers with lively activities designed to stimulate children.

Standards For Quality School-Age Child Care
Role of the school, relationships, activities, and administration.

Star Power for Preschoolers: Learning Life Skills Through Physical Play
More than 60 games and activities to help children develop life skills – self-esteem, concentration, imagination, cooperation, and relaxation.

Start Early, Finish Strong: How to Help Every Child Become a Reader
A resource from the US Department of Education, this book covers subjects such as the Potential of Families, Building Skills Through Early Care & Education, How Schools Can Help Every Child Become A Reader, & How Citizens, Public Leaders, & Communities Can Help.

Start Smart
Building brain power in the early years.

Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children’s Reading Success
Directed to caregivers, teachers, parents, and policymakers, this book describes specific strategies, activities, and resources to prepare young children for reading.

Stepping Stones to Using Caring for Our Children
National Health and Safety Performance Standards.

Sticking Things
From gluing felt masks to making dazzling glitter pictures, Sticking Things is lots of fun. Dib, Dab, and Dob are here to show you how it’s done.

Sticks and Stones and Ice Cream Cones
How to plan parties, make invitations, favors, games, decorations, plus a full-length play with puppets, costumes, scenery, tickets, and more.

Stop, Look, & Listen
Whimsical introductory poems set the stage for learning in an atmosphere of fun, excitement, imagination, and curiosity.

Stories on the Move
Integrating literature and movement with children to age 14.

Story Stretchers for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos
Experiences, activities, and games for popular children’s books.

Storybook Connections: Fairy Tale Activities from A to Z
These fairy tale activities take you through thecurriculum: arts and crafts, dramatic play, literature links, math, setting the stage, story summaries, science, and more. Students will recognize characters from their favorite fairy tales.

Stress Management and Self-Esteem Activities
Includes 90 ready to use worksheets for grades 7-12

Study Skills That Stick
Strategies, reproducible checklists, and planning sheets that help children get organized, stay focused, and become more effective learners and test-takers.

Study Starters
A Step-by-Step Guide to Project-Based Investigations in Science and Social Studies: Includes Teachers Guide and 6 Project-Based curriculums, Boxes, Rocks, Ants, Cloths, Flowers and Buildings.

Substance Abuse Prevention Activities
Includes 90 ready to use worksheets for grades 7-12.

Summer Adventures: Terrific Themes for a Carefree Summer Program!
This book offers “to the minute” scheduling for a summer full of fun. It offers 11 fun themes children and staff will enjoy.

Summer Fun: 60 Activities for a Kid-Perfect Summer
More than 60 outdoor ideas, most of which have additional suggestions that generate still more ideas.

Summer Program Tips, Strategies & Activities for School-Agers 5 – 14 Years Old
Presented as a collection of articles from the School-Age Notes Newsletter. Included with 4 years worth of summer activities are articles on programming and administration, scheduling, staff training and development, safety, model programs, and more.

Summer Sizzlers and Magic Mondays
This is essentially 2 books in one with a total of 38 themes and more than 230 activities to choose from for both summer and after school programs.

Super Quick Origami Animals
Simple designs, animals, and dinosaurs.

Complete resource to reinforce and enhance your preschool curriculum for an entire year of success.

Take Part Art
Great art projects – collages, murals, sculptures and more – that focus on the “process” rather than the “product” and on cooperation rather than competition. Children learn to work together while having fun with art.

Tapping & Clapping
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

Teachable Transitions
Transform those troublesome minutes between planned activities into moments of stimulating learning. Activities in this book will help to keep each preschooler engaged throughout the day.

Teachables II
Homemade toys that teach.

Teacher’s Brew Art Recipe Box
Recipes using textured doughs, scented edible doughs, no cook modeling clay, paint, dyes, soaps, and more.

Teacher’s Brew Science Activities Box
Includes topics such as the human body, air, water, earth, sky, electricity and more.

Teacher’s Gold Mine: An Everything-You-Ever-Needed Treasury of Ideas for Creative Teaching
Ideas for creating puzzles, mobiles, calendars, etc.

Teacher’s Planbook and Calendar of Year-Round Activities
An activity packed planner and calendar to make planning easy.

Teaching Kids to Care and Cooperate
This book contains 50 easy writing, discussion, and art activities that help develop responsibility and respect for others (grades 2 – 5).

Teaching Numeracy, Language and Literacy with Blocks
Devotes a chapter to each of the seven stages of block-building development in young children.

Teaching Young Children
A guide for the beginning teacher.

Team Building Activities for Every Group
107 interactive games and activities designed to help players get to know each other.

Tell It Again! Easy-to-Tell Stories with Activities for Young Children
Using popular children’s stories, the authors share tips and tricks of expert storytellers. Included are dozens of activities to encourage listening, imagination, and problem solving.

Terrarium Habitats
Enlist the help of your students to bring in soil, worms, snails, seeds or leftovers from lunch! Then find some plastic containers and let students loose to design their micro habitats.

Terrific Tips for Toddler Teachers
Over 600 fun, easy-to-do-ideas that engage children in sensory play and encourage language and word play, discovery and dramatic play, and large and small motor development.

Test Anxiety & What You Can Do
A practical guide for teachers, parents, and kids

The “I Can’t Sing Book”
A music book without reference to whole notes, treble clefs, measures, refrains or other intimidating musical terms.

The Amazing Outdoor Activity Book
More than 50 step by step projects.

The Art of Awareness
How Observation Can Transform Your Teaching- observing children closely provides a new way of thinking about learning and teaching, a way of making children visible as they are, not just as we want them to be.

The Best Behavior Series
This six book read-aloud series has simple words and delightful full-color illustrations that will guide children to choose peaceful, positive behavior (for ages 4 to 7).

The Best of The Mailbox Book 1

The Best of The Mailbox Book 2

The Best Self-Esteem Activities for the Elementary Grades
Over 100 activities, each including behavioral objectives, time requirements, step-by-step instructions and discussion questions. Learn how to develop sharing circles, deal with put-downs, and help kids resolve their conflicts.

The Best Summer Ever
Summertime counts! Turn your child’s free time into fun time- this book will show you how with a little planning.

The Big Book of Monthly Ideas

The Big Messy* Art Book (*But Easy to Clean Up)
With activities like Food Sponge Painting, Tennis Toss, Snap Painting, Splatter Paint, and Hair Dryer Painting, you can be sure to have a messy but fun art adventure. Great for summer outdoor art.

The Block Book
A unique compilation of the practical and theoretical meanings of block play.

The Book of Bounces
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

The Book of Lullabies
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

The Book of Simple Songs & Circles
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

The Book of Tapping & Clapping
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

The Book of Tapping & Clapping
wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

The Book of Wiggles & Tickles
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

The Bountiful Container
Create container gardens of vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers for small space gardeners.

The Caregiver’s Companion
Readings and professional resources to accompany Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers.

The Charlie Horse Music Pizza
A music educator’s guide.

The Common Sense Early-Childhood Classroom
A practical guide to caring for preschool children.

The Complete Book and CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants
A variety of ways to fall in love with rhythm, rhyme, repetition, and structural sequence (includes 2CDs with 50 songs).

The Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes and Dances for Young Children
A book rich in ideas and a time saver for busy teachers seeking ideas to enrich their themes.

The Complete Book of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants
Over 700 items.

The Complete Color Book
Activities to help young children learn about the colors of their world.

The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood
Over 1200 easy activities to support multiple intelligences and learning styles.

The Complete Guide to Classroom Centers
Hundreds of ideas that really work for grades K-3.

The Complete Learning Center Book
Illustrated guide for 32 learning centers such as Greenhouse Center, Environment Awareness Center, Toy Workshop Center and more. Includes layouts, designs, and activities.

The Complete Learning Spaces Book for Infants and Toddlers
Outlines 54 learning spaces for infant and toddler age groups and address objectives, appropriate activities, integrating areas of development, communicating with parents, literacy, connections, and evaluations.

The Complete Resource Book
An early childhood curriculum, offering a complete plan for every day of each week of the year.

The Complete Resource Book for Infants
Over 700 experiences for children birth to 18 months.

The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos
Over 2000 experiences and ideas.

The Complete School-Age Child Care Resource Kit
Practical guidelines, materials, and activities for implementing a quality school-age care program.

The Comprehensive Infant Curriculum
Combines theory and practice to support beginning teachers, inform experienced teachers, and provide a complete program for every teacher.

The Comprehensive Infant Curriculum – Infant Teachers Guide
Comprehensive manual that is an invaluable guide to implementing the best infant curriculum.

The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum
Combines theory and practice to support beginning teachers, inform experienced teachers, and provide a complete program for every teacher.

The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum – Toddler Teachers Guide
Comprehensive manual that is an invaluable guide to implementing the best toddler curriculum.

The Cooking Book
Fostering young children’s learning and delight with cooking.

The Creative Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers Revised Edition
A comprehensive easy to use framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool
Child development and learning theory and how it’s applied throughout the curriculum.

The Creative Curriculum Learning Games 36-48 months
Provides parents and providers with proven, fun games to play with their young children.

The Creative Curriculum Learning Games 48-60 months
Provides parents and providers with proven, fun games to play with their young children.

The Early Childhood Mentoring Curriculum
A comprehensive, flexible new teaching tool for entors and mentor trainers in center-based and family child care programs.

The Eentsy Weentsy Spider: Finger Plays and Action Rhymes
Sing them! Say them! Act them out! 40 finger plays and action rhymes that reflect a child’s world.

The Encyclopedia of Infant & Toddlers Activities
Activities for children birth to 3.

The Everything Kids’ Magical Science Experiments Book
Dazzle your friends and family with dozens of science tricks.

The Everything Kids’ Nature Book
Create clouds, make waves, defy gravity and much more.

The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book
Boil ice, float water, measure gravity-challenge the world around you.

The Giant Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Children 3 to 6
More than 500 art activities to actively engage children’s imaginations.

The Giant Encyclopedia of Circle Time and Group Activities
For ages 3-6.

The GIANT Encyclopedia of Theme Activities
Activities for children ages 2 to 5.

The Great Games Book
More than 30 popular games from around the world to make and play.

The Great Outdoors
Restoring children’s right to play outside.

The Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom: Easy Ways to Adapt Learning Centers for All Children
Ten chapters focus on either a learning center or a time of the day, with attention to the needs of children who are developmentally delayed or orthopedically impaired; have a pervasive disorder such as autism; or have motor planning problems, visual impairments, or behavioral issues (including ADHD).

The Incredible Indoor Games Book
No matter what the weather, you’ll always be ready with these engaging fun games and activities. Appropriate for kids ages 6 – 16. All of these games are simple enough to learn quickly, yet substantial enough that kids will want to play them again and again.

The Incredible Year-Round Playbook
Sun, sand, water, wind, and snow activities for indoors and outdoors.

The Infant/Toddler Photo Activity Library
An essential literacy tool with Language, Vocabulary, and Sensory Activities.

The Instant Curriculum (New Revised Edition)
This resource for preschool teachers has activities for every area of the curriculum, including language and literacy, math, science, dramatic play, and music and movement. The focus on concepts and skills provides a flexible format to strengthen skill areas for one child or a group

The Kid’s Guide to Social Action
How to solve the social problems you choose, and turn creative thinking into positive action.

The Kids Guide to Service Projects
This resource shows school-agers how they can make a difference and solve problems in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

The Kids Multicultural Art Book
Explore the roots, rhythms, designs, and tradition found in the arts and artifacts of many different cultures.

The Kids Summer Game Book
Hundreds of ideas for individuals or groups.

The Kids Winter Handbook
Games, crafts, sports, recipes, fireside stories, and indoor games are all featured in this fun book devoted to winter!

The Kids’ Book of Incredibly Fun Crafts
Great craft ideas, especially for older kids. Over 35 projects that challenge the creativity of kids. Mostly long-term projects, perfect for summer prgs or when time is not an issue.

The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting
Build a weather station, read the sky and make predictions among other activities.

The Kids’ Multicultural Craft Book
35 crafts from around the world.

The Kids’ Natural History Book: Making Dinos, Fossils, Mammoths and More!
Your school-agers will love creating bats, saber-tooth tigers, stegosaurus, pteranodons and woolly mammoths out of T.P. tubes. Walk like a penguin and penguin charades are some of the many fun games featured. Time line ideas are also shown.

The Kids’ Nature Book 365 Indoor/Outdoor Activities and Experiences
Nature activities for every day of the year. From snowy outdoor activities in January to safe sun projects in July, school-agers will enjoy learning more about nature’s wonders and have fun at the same time.

The Kids’ Nature Book revised edition
365 indoor/outdoor activities & experiences.

The Kids’ Stuff Book Of Patterns, Projects and Plans
To Perk Up Early Learning Programs – over 175 reproducible patterns backed with teaching ideas, strategies, lesson plans and more.

The Kindness Curriculum: Introducing Young Children to Loving Values
Over 60 activities to help create opportunities for kids to practice kindness, empathy, conflict resolution, and respect.

The Language of Art
This resource emphasizes investigation anchored by drawing, painting, and other art activities.

The Learning Power of Laughter
Over 300 playful games, activities, and ideas that promote learning with young children.

The Math Explorer: Games and Activities for Middle School Youth Groups
Games, puzzles, paper crafts, and science experiments that help middle-school children develop math skills while having fun.

The Morning Meeting Book
Start each day in your K-8 room with a morning meeting that will help build a climate of trust, increase cooperation and confidence, etc.

The Muppets Big Book of Crafts
100 projects to snip, sculpt, stitch, and stuff.

The Outrageous Outdoor Games Book
All games are easy to play, little or no preparation required for ages 6-16.

The Outside Play and Learning Book: Activities for Young Children
Lots of activities from Infant to SA are included in this great resource.

The Peaceful Classroom
162 easy activities to teach preschoolers compassion and cooperation

The Preschool Years
A well-rounded resource with information on discipline, learning, routines, and other topics of interest.

The Scholastic Book of Early Childhood Learning Centers
Complete how-to’s, management tips, photos, and activities for delightful learning centers that teach early reading, writing, math & more.

The Science Chef
100 fun food experiments and recipes for kids.

The Secret Life of Math
Discover how and why numbers have survived from the cave dwellers to us!

The Snack Sneak
Logic games, mysteries and quests.

The Source Book
Activities to enrich programs for infants and young children.

The Study Skills Handbook
Contains more than 75 strategies for better learning (grades 4 – 8).

The Weekly Curriculum
52 theme based plans includes enough activities to fill an entire week, covering such fundamental curriculum areas as math, music, movement, language, science and art.

The Wright Brothers for Kids
How they invented the airplane with 21 activities.

The Young Child and Mathematics
To inspire educators to do more math and different math.

Theme Kits Made Easy
Provides a tested method for putting together creative kits and using dozens of child-centered theme suggestions.

Over 50 teaching themes and ideas.

Theme-A-Saurus II
The great big book of more mini teaching themes.

Themes to Grow On Fall and Winter
Themes for PreK-1. Watch your little learners skills blossom with these exciting and creative activities. This book is loaded with over 375 cross-curricular ideas based on 19 popular themes.

Themes to Grow On Spring and Summer
Themes for PreK-1. Watch your little learners skills blossom with these exciting and creative activities. This book is loaded with over 375 cross-curricular ideas based on 19 popular themes.

Themestorming: How to Build A Theme-Based Curriculum the Easy Way
Themestorming looks at curriculum in a different way. Each chapter contains theme objectives, suggested additions for learning centers, discovery activities, transition ideas, and songs all designed as a springboard for creative thinking.

Things to Do with Toddlers and Two’s
A valuable, relevant and timely resource to give a clear overview of development and provide stimulating and calming ideas for play and learning.

Think It Through
Developing thinking skills with young children.

Think of Something Quiet
A guide for achieving serenity in early childhood classrooms.

Those Icky, Sticky, Smelly, Cavity-Causing But…Invisible Germs
Help children develop good tooth brushing habits. Illustrations show germs that cause cavities & how important tooth brushing is to good dental health.

Those Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Tiny, Not-So-Nice Head Lice
Help the children in your care learn about the prevention and treatment of head lice infestation with this delightful book.

Those Mean, Nasty, Dirty, Downright Disgusting But…Invisible Germs
Teach children the importance of hand washing. This popular children’s book show the five germ characters that cause illness.

Those Ooey Gooey Winky Blinky but … Invisible Pinkeye Germs
Helps children understand and cope with pinkeye infections with imaginative, full-color illustrations of the germs that can infect their eyes. They will learn how good health habits can stop the spread and aid the treatment of pinkeye.

To Play or Not to Play
Is it Really a Question?

Toddler Games: Simple Seasonal Games Designed Especially for Toddlers
Over 160 simple, seasonal games designed to build confidence and develop cooperation skills.

Toddlers Together
The complete planning guide for a toddler curriculum.

Together We’re Better
Lay the foundation for future cooperation by encouraging children to spontaneously play and work together.

Toyworks: Simple Toys To Make and Enjoy for Ages 3-7
Shares secrets for making Moon People, Spongy Blocks and 57 more child tested toys.

Transition Magician
Strategies for guiding young children in early childhood from one activity to another.

Transition Time
Over 400 ideas and activities for every time of day.

Trash Plans: Using Math to Help Us Make Decisions About Our Environment
Concepts of estimating, adding, subtracting, making maps and using schedules are used to help make decisions about our environment and the trash in it.

Travel the World Cookbook
60 delicious recipes from all over the world.

U.S. History Brain Teasers

Ways to exercise and develop brain power.

Understanding the Atmosphere: How Air Moves and Changes
Many activities that help children understand what the atmosphere is all about and what things affect the atmosphere.

USA Brain Teasers
Ways to exercise and develop brain power

Using Art to Teach Science
Aerospace education service program.

Using Land
Hands-on activities that explore land and its many uses; includes extended learning ideas and thinking skills.

Using Puzzles to Teach
To help parents, teachers, and caregivers expand children’s learning with puzzles beyond children’s solitary play.

Water: Thematic Unit
Children can learn a whole-language that will help them understand about the most basic and mysterious of all substances. Your students will learn about oil spills, conservation and much more.

We Care: A Preschool Curriculum for Children Ages 2-5
A completely developed, well-balanced, fully illustrated, and class-tested curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for children.

Weather and Climate
Geography facts and fun experiments are featured in this kid-friendly book.

Weaving the Literacy Web
Provides a framework for developing engaging, developmentally appropriate curriculum in the preschool classroom based on books children love.

Web Hunts and Virtual Field Trips: Grades 1-3
Reproducible activities that direct kids to a web page maintained by the book’s creators.

Web Hunts and Virtual Field Trips: Grades 3-5
Reproducible activities that direct kids to a web page maintained by the book’s creators.

Wee Sing
More than 60 favorite games to play and sing.

What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? Activity
Help children learn to manage their anger with Fred Rogers’ timeless wisdom and these developmentally appropriate activities.

What Do You Stand For?
A guide to building character for teens.

What Happened to the World? Helping Children Cope in Turbulent Times
This book helps caregivers understand and support children as they cope with fear, grief, and other feelings brought on by catastrophic events.

What Happened to the World? Helping Children Cope in Turbulent Times: Facilitator’s Guide
Based on material in What Happened to the World? (above), the Facilitator’s Guide will help facilitate sessions with parents, professionals, and volunteers.

What Will Happen If…Young Children and the Scientific Method
with the help of this guide, you will be able to ensure that all children develop essential math and science skills from the beginning.

Wiggles & Tickles
Wonderful songs and rhymes passed down from generation to generation for infants and toddlers.

Wikki Stix
A kinetic learning activity book for grades K-6.

Wild School Sites
How do you create a “wild site” on your grounds? This resource will walk you through the process.

Wild, Wild West
Over 26 songs and activities for pre-k to SA (CD included).

Winter Day Play
More than 70 activities, crafts, and games will keep kids busy learning, exploring and having fun for all winter long.

With a Hop, Skip and a Jump!
Creative movement activities for young children.

Wonder Science
Encourage your children to hypothesize, experiment, observe and test. Children really become scientists when they experiment with pendulums, sounds, tubes, bubbles, air and water.

World Holidays
Art and movement activities for hands, fingers, feet, and toes.

World Playground: Multicultural Activity Kit
Travel the world and celebrate other cultures with this globe-trotting musical journey for children.

World’s Toughest Tongue Twisters
An illustrated compilation of some of the world’s toughest tongue twisters.

Worms Eat Our Garbage
Unique curriculum for home, school and outdoor centers brings the fascinating subject, earthworms, to the educational setting in an exciting and informative manner.

Writing Down the Days: 365 Creative Journaling Ideas for Young People
Each day features a person, place, or event that gives special meaning to that calendar day, and then a suggestion of what to write about. Whenever possible, the activity includes addresses, websites, or phone numbers for more information.

Writing Lessons that Teach Key Strategies
This book contains motivating reproducible lessons paired with teaching ideas that coach your students toward powerful writing.

YOGA for Children
Simple movements and games you and your kids can do together to help them grow strong and flexible.

Yoga Games for Children
This book offers 68 short exercises and games that are variations on traditional yoga exercises. These games do not require props and can be played by children and adults of all ages.

You Can Learn Sign Language
More than 300 words in picture.

Young Children at Home and In School: 212 Educational Activities for Their Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers
Easy, educationally sound ideas that take very little preparation or money but add lots of joy!

Your Child at Play: 2 to 3 Years
Understand how two to three year olds see themselves, how they learn language, and how they use their imagination.

Your Child at Play: 3 to 5 Years
Ideas for games and activities as well as practical suggestions for managing and enjoying daily routines.

Your Way with Map & Compass Orienteering
How to use a compass, make maps, step counting and other orienteering activities are covered in this booklet.

Youth Programs
Promoting quality services.

Zaniest Riddle Book in the World
Over 900 riddles on every subject you need to know about.