Help with Biting

Sometimes young children feel an overwhelming urge to bite and this is a very natural instinct. It can however, be difficult for parents and teachers to deal with. Once a teacher or parent has figured out what is behind a child’s urge to bite, it can be easier to control the behavior through various methods. For example, if a child is biting another child or adult out of anger, it is always good to first identify the source of the anger. Once the source has been identified, suggest alternatives to the biting such as tearing paper, talking through the situation, allowing the child to express their angry feelings in a way that is not hurtful to others, pounding clay or going outside to run and even yell! If a child is biting because of a sensory need or due to new teeth coming in, find age appropriate and safe toys or foods to offer the child as an alternative to biting others. Always remember to have discussions with your child about the inappropriateness of biting others and how important it is to respect our friends at all times.