Grassy Monsters are Fun to Grow

or Plastic Cup Monsters: (If the children do not want monsters, let them draw any character or even themselves on the cup instead.)

What you need: small plastic cups, markers, cotton balls, small container of water, potting soil, grass seed or radish seeds, eyedroppers, plastic bags

What you do:  Give your child a plastic cup.  Supervise carefully while she uses markers to draw a monster (or any other face) on her cup.

Ask your child to dip a cotton ball in the water and place it in the bottom of the cup.  Then, put potting soil on top of the balls, stopping 1/4 inch below the cup’s rim.

Help your child sprinkle seeds on top and lightly pat them into the soil.  Show her/him how to use eyedroppers to gently add water to the cup. (Soil should be damp, not wet, or seeds will rot.)