Your child is enrolled or you may be considering enrolling your child in an early care and education program whose level of quality exceeds Ohio’s child care licensing standards.

High quality early care and education settings are important because early experiences last a lifetime. Your child has 1,892 days from the day they are born until they enter kindergarten. What happens on this journey lays the foundation for their school and life success.

A Step Up To Quality Two Star rated program means that your child is in a program with:

    Two Star Programs

    • The program demonstrates
    commitment to quality by hiring
    teachers with higher education
    qualifications than 1-Star programs.

    • Teachers use the Ohio Early Learning
    and Development Standards to
    support children’s learning.

    • The program engages in a continuous
    improvement process by completing
    a self-assessment.

    • Administrators and teachers are
    committed to increasing professional
    knowledge and skills by receiving
    20 hours of specialized training
    every two years.