The Benefits of Inclusive Child Care

Inclusion benefits everyone; children with and without special needs benefit and families, and staff benefit too. When children play and learn together they feel part of their community. Children with special needs teach children without special needs to accept differences and see the similarities among them. Children with special needs are encouraged to communicate, learn motor and other skills as they see this skill modeled by their friends within the natural setting of their classroom environment. As they play together and learn from each other they also learn that everyone, regardless of ability has something to offer. All children benefit from a setting where value is placed on being responsive to each child’s individual strengths and needs. Parents and staff learn to support one another and deepen their understanding of child development. Both families and staff become more aware and knowledgeable of disabilities, typical development and who they can turn to for support and information.

Ohio4Kids provides information about children with special needs in SpecialQuest training. The focus of SpecialQuest Birth–Five is inclusion for children with disabilities ages birth through five (pre-kindergarten) and their families, particularly those in Head Start,  Child Care, Early Intervention/Part C, Early Childhood Special Education/619, family support, and other related programs.

To learn more about Special Quest training check out our training calendar at or call 800-577-2276