Shoe String Ideas for Preschool

How Did You Get There?
Have children stand in a line with one leader (adult).  The other adult leader stands across the yard or room. The leader without children yells “_____  ______, how did you get there? (filling in the blanks with an animal or a mode of transportation). The first adult yells the mode of movement for that animal or vehicle. E.g. “Snake, snake, how did you get there?”  “We slithered!” At this point all the children pretend to be snakes and slither to the other leader.  It goes back and forth as long as the attention of the children is interested.  Use horses, bees, motorcycles, racecars, airplanes etc.

Tactile Letters:
Give children the opportunity to write and make letters in various mediums; salt, sand, paint, pudding, light grain sandpaper etc.  Also try making letters from play dough, pipe cleaners, blocks etc.

Recyclable Crayon Rounds:
Materials – old peeled or broken crayons, old muffin tin and baking cups.  Break the old peeled crayons into ¼ inch pieces and place them in baking cups, place baking cups into the muffin tins, Set the oven at 250 degrees, heat the crayons for 5 minutes or until pieces are melted.  Turn off the oven and leave the muffin tin in it.  Allow to cool before removing them from the muffin tin.