Saving money in your center

When you operate a child care center, the list of items needed to provide quality activities to children is endless and can be expensive. The cost for supplies can be decreased with a little planning on your part. There may be organizations, individuals and businesses in your community that have supplies they’re not using or would throw away and they’d be willing to donate to your program if they knew they’d be useful to you.

Below are some suggestions about who to contact regarding items that might be available free in your community.

Local court house and government agencies: they often have paper, cardboard, etc., that they throw away or recycle that could be used by your program.

Local extension agent: they have an abundance of resources and activities for children.

Local civic groups: many times they will do fundraisers to help purchase items for centers and many of their members enjoy collecting household items that can be used with children — paper towel rolls, magazines, etc.

Local crafters: they often have left over supplies that would be useful.

Local churches: they often have social groups that like to have a project to support.

Area businesses: they’re are also a great resource for supplies.

Ohio4Kids has many resources in our free lending library that include successful fundraising ideas and smart business practices. Check it out.