Family child care providers are not alone

Being a family child care provider can be a rewarding career. You can make a difference in the lives of children and their families. But, you often work by yourself. You spend most of the day making sure each child is cared for. You provide a great learning environment. And you face all of the challenges of a small business owner. No wonder you can feel isolated and overwhelmed at times.

Here are some ways to reach out and develop relationships that will help you keep your professional life in balance:

  • Attend training events with other child care providers.
  • Arrange field trips with your children.
  • Join a local child care networking group in your county if available or organize monthly meetings with other providers to share ideas and stories.
  • Get to know other child care providers in your area. It is often helpful to talk with others that are doing the same thing you are.
  • Join a local fitness center or YMCA.

Contact us for special events and other resources for you area. We offer training, technical assistance over the phone, and/or personalized visits based on your needs. Email us or call 800-577-2276.