Tips on family friendly communication

Newsletters sent home about upcoming events are very effective in sharing specific information and keeping parents connected to their child’s classroom. This information helps parents communicate with their child and ask specific questions. Here is an example.

The 4-year-olds will have a visit from Mr. Insect Guy on April 4th. Mr. Insect Guy will bring a collection of insects that he has collected from all over the world. He has giant beetles and beautiful butterflies.

With this type of information, a family member can ask a child specific question about Mr. Insect Guy and his visit. Parents are informed, and the connection between home and school is strengthened.

To help keep parents aware of what is happening in the program and to give conversation openers, some providers leave brief messages via e-mail, text, or voice mail. For example, say, “Ask Garrett about the giant moth” or “Ask Mary what monkeys eat.” Your tidbits can build on what a particular child did. If, for instance, Pete helped make an impressive block building that day, his parents would love to know about it.