Children with Special Needs

There are many kinds of special needs. Children can have physical, cognitive, speech, medical, behavioral or other developmental delays to name a few. They may have difficulty interacting with other children or adults and their special needs may affect them a little or a lot. No matter what their special need is, or how profoundly it affects them, children with special needs are more like other children than they are different from them. Children with special needs come from all cultures, races, backgrounds and abilities. Children with special needs want to play, make friends, be loved and cared for as any child would. Their families need respect, support and reassurance the same things that most families of young children need. Having a child with special needs can be challenging, rewarding, frustrating, enlightening, wonderful, complicated, satisfying and sometimes down right scary, but these words might be used to describe raising any child at some time during the process.

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