Frequently Asked Questions about
becoming a Family Child Care Provider

Who would want to operate a child care program at home?
Someone who is committed to children and families. You can earn an income while working from home and spending time with your own children.

Why should I do child care in my home?
You will have the opportunity to be your own boss and earn an income while at home. Not only do you get to spend time with your children and provide a setting close to home for other children, but you will also belong to a group of committed individuals who value the home setting and want to offer a service to the community.

Do I have to have an education to do this type of work?
Caring for children is no easy task. It takes commitment, patience and high energy. It does help to know how children grow and why they behave in childlike ways. Most child care systems require at least a high school education and some training in health and safety. Working from home, you can learn as you go, taking workshops and attending seminars planned specifically for child care providers. Ohio4Kids will help you develop your career path, whether you want just a few workshops, your high school diploma, a certificate program, or you want to go all the way to a college degree in early care and education.

How do I get started?
Contact Ohio4Kids at 800-577-2276 or email us. Our staff will provide you FREE information on how to begin. We can help you get started and assist you as your business grows.