Science all Around!!

Looking for interesting science activities? Look no more!! Here is a list of science activities for preschool-age students:

Grass pets – using small plastic cups, let the children fill the cups about ¾ of the way full with soil then add some grass seed. Keep soil moist and in light and it will grow. After getting taller, children can cut the ‘hair’ on their pets with scissors. Children can also draw a face on their ‘pet’ before planting.

Magic ice – using three separate bowls with ½ cup water in each, add food coloring (red, yellow, and blue – put desired amount of drops in each bowl of water/one color per bowl), place ice cubes in shallow pans (or on paper plates). Using eye droppers, let the children place drops of colored water from the bowls on the ice cubes and watch the reactions. Have children experiment with two different colors on the ice to observe color mixing (red/blue, blue/yellow, red/yellow).

Tin Can Phones – yes, I mean the ones kids use to play with all the time but are rarely found anymore! Take the paper off two empty tin cans (such as vegetable or soup cans) and wash both. After drying the cans, use a hammer and nail to put one hole in the bottom of each can. Next, use duct tape to cover the edges where the top was removed to prevent cuts. Let kids decorate them with markers, stickers, etc. then cut a string (approx.10 feet long) and put each end through the hole in the cans, knotting on the inside of the cans so it does not slip loose. Let kids have fun while learning about how sound travels!

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