Tips for sleepy parents: guide to a good night’s sleep

We know how important it is for our children to get a good night’s sleep, but if we’re not getting a good night’s rest, we won’t be at our best as parents either. Here are some tips for getting your child to sleep through the night on their own:

Have a routine: Start by making a routine for the evening. This will begin the process of relaxing the brain. For example, bathe, read a book, and discuss the next day’s events. Every night start the process at the same time and the routine will make the transition to bed smoother.

For infants: If you choose to rock your baby to sleep, put them down in their bed as they just start to fall asleep. Holding your baby while he/she is sleeping, while very enjoyable, may cause your child to get used to it.

If your child wakes in the night: Make sure all their needs have been met such as feeding and diapering/toileting, then allow them to self-sooth themselves back to sleep.

If your child wants you to sleep with them: Slowly provide them with independence. Every 3 days or so move a little further away. Start out by sitting at the end of the bed, then move to the floor, the doorway, then the hallway, and finally out of sight to enjoy some much needed “you time”.

Finally, if you see patterns or have concerns: Make sure to write them down and track them to discuss with your pediatrician during your next visit.

Best wishes with your sleeping beauties. For more information, check out our lending library where there are resources for parents on sleep, play, and much more. It’s a free resource!