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Fun with big soda bottles

Toddlers love to shake and roll rounded objects. Take advantage of this natural curiosity and fill large soda bottles with interesting things to observe. Be sure to secure the top of the bottles, perhaps even gluing them shut, or wrap them with tape.

Bouncy beans: Put various large dried beans in a bottle for your child to shake and roll around, listening to the sound it makes.

Rain bottles: Put some rice in a bottle and create a bottle that sounds like rain as a child tilts it up and down.

Bubbles bottles: Pour some water in a bottle an tint it with blue food coloring. Add some bubble bath. Shake up the bottle to make bubbles.

Glitter galore: Drop in some glitter, sequins, metallic confetti, glass jewels.  Fill 3/4 with water and shake.

Mini toys: Look for mini cars, animals, balls, dice, etc. to place in a bottle. Make it more fun by adding rice or beans too so that the kids have to move the bottle all different ways to find all the toys!