Nesting Ball for the Birds Activity: School Age

Appropriate for: Schoolagers and toddlers and preschoolers with some help
What you’ll need: Nest building materials, mesh bag from fruits orvegetables, and string to hang the finished nesting ball.

How to Make It:

  1. Have children collect nesting materials, such as bits of yarn, ribbon, string, pet hair,dryer lint, hair clippings and other similar items
  2. Stuff the materials into the nesting bag and tie closed
  3. Hang from a tree branch or other structure in view of the children where the birds can safely pick at it

How to use it: Use this activity to introduce children to the concept of preserving nature,and doing careful observations of how the birds make their homes and care for theiryoung. It also helps them learn to record what is happening to the environment. Readingand writing about the experience builds language skills and introduces children to birdwatching which may become a lifetime hobby as their curiosity is developed.