Four fun ideas for infants and toddlers!

Looking for fun activities that are developmentally appropriate for your infants and toddlers?  Here are a few to get you started!

Buzzy Bee tickles me! (0-6 months)
The Buzzy Bee is similar to a tickle monster: move your hand around in the air while making a buzzing sound… Then make the bee land on the baby’s tummy to tickle!

Who do you see? (6-12 months)
Glue a small plastic mirror inside a small box with a lid. Pictures of familiar people and things are good options instead of a mirror, too. Allow the infant to open the box to find out what or who they see. It’s a peek-a-boo box!

Coffee can drum (1-2 years)
Make a drum from a coffee can: cut the the bottom out of the can and glue plastic lids on each end. Decorate the outside with a child’s artwork, or leave it just as it is. You can make a drumstick by gluing and empty thread spool onto the lead end of a pencil.

Follow the leader (2-3 years)
Here’s a new twist on oan old favorite. In this version, have the children stand in one place and allowing each child a turn to lead the class in 2-3 exercise moves. This is perfect for a rainy day!

All of these activities and more can be found on this website: