For the birds!

What you need: one empty half-gallon jug for each child, green acrylic paint, clear-drying craft glue, hole punches, wire for hanging for each bird feeder, and an assortment of twigs, stones, pine cones and other nature pieces for decoration.

Draw and cut out a large circle, about 2-1/2 inches wide, a few inches up from the bottom of the jug.

With the entrance to the bird feeder created, give each child a jug and assist them to make a small, twig-sized hole just below the entrance using the hole punch to create a perch.

Have the children paint their bird feeders with the green acrylic paint and let dry. Then, have them glue leaves on the jug using the craft clue.

Using the hole punch, put one hole on either side of the top just below the cap and slip the wire through it for hanging from a tree.

Glue about a dozen five-inch twigs to each side of the top of the jug to create a roof. Poke a thicker twig in the hole that was created for the perch.

The children can glue additional twigs, stones, pine cones, leaves, etc., for decoration.

Once dry, the bird feeders can be taken home, filled with birdseed and hung from a tree branch.

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