Bowling With Toddlers

Bowling is a great way to have fun with young children. With just a few simple materials youcan play a game that your toddlers are sure to enjoy.
Materials List: A medium or large ball, 2-liter plastic bottles filled with a few bells and sand,stones or whatever you have on hand.

Set up multiple alleys of bottle pins. Encourage toddlers to try to knock over the pins and thenrun and set pins up for the next person. Provide enough pins to prevent toddlers from becomingfrustrated while waiting.

Adapted from, Supporting children’s development, gross motor skills by SonjaTansey published in Putting Children First, the magazine of the National ChildcareAccreditation Council (NCAC) Issue 30 June 2009 and Gross Motor Skills for Toddlers, by JeanWarren published on the website