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Being one of the guys

Whether its being a mechanic, a hunter, a cook, a horseman, a gardener, or a groundskeeper, little boys like to pretend to be like the big guys. Take time to let them learn from the things that you do. The time together is worth more than any toy that you can buy.

Changing the oil in the truck? Give them a play oil can full of water, a funnel, and let them “oil” their bike or tricycle. The garden hose and a tricycle become an instant gasoline station.

Older boys may be interested in using a saw and a 24 inch high, 15 inch diameter log to make a seat for deer watching in the yard. Cut a 3 inch slice in the log, from the top to about 12 inches down on one side of the log. Then slice across the log to meet the first cut. Remove the chunk, and you’ll end up with a chair!  Happy hunting. Don’t forget to loan them a camouflage shirt and hat to wear.

Use an empty pop bottle, cut a circular 1 inch whole in the side;  make two smaller, pencil size holes in opposite sides of the bottle and stick a dowel rod through it from side to side as a perch; fill the bottom of the bottle with loose corn or bird seed; tie on a string and voila! It’s a bird feeder!

Hammering is an excellent eye-hand coordination skill–give them a large log, a hammer, and large-head nails. See how long it takes them to pound enough nails to cover the top of the log with nail heads..