Spring Butterflies with Coffee Filters

Here is a fun activity to try that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Kids get to create beautiful butterflies!

Materials Needed:

  • Coffee Filters
  • Washable Markers
  • Spray Bottles
  • Water
  • Clothespins
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue


Begin by giving each child a coffee filter and choice of washable markers; then have the children color their coffee filters with the washable markers. When the children have finished allow them to spray their coffee filter using the spray bottle with water.  The children will be able to watch the colors on the filter morph into a beautiful collage of designs; you may even notice that some colors coming into contact with each other make new colors!  Allow the coffee filters time to dry.

Once the filters are dry scrunch the filters along their center point and clip with a clothespin.  Glue on pipe cleaners for antennae and allow the children to draw faces on the clothes pins.  What a better way to decorate your room for spring than with a myriad of beautiful butterflies!