Winter Wondering

Take a winter nature walk. Look for changes in trees, bushes, and plants. Search for winter colors that can be found on them. You might see some evergreen trees or some berries on bushes. Look closely at bark on trees. Some bushes keep their leaves in winter and others do not.

Look for animal tracks in the snow. What about birds that winter in the north? What signs of birds can you find? When you come back inside, have the children tell you what they saw and write it down.

The children could do drawings of what they saw outdoors on their winter nature walk. If they have questions about any of their discoveries that you do not know the answer to, see if you can find out and talk about it later on. These discussions could lead to some interesting learning for the children as they expand their interest in the topic of winter.

What your child will learn:

Observation Skills, Science and weather, seasons and language/prewriting skills.