You are an Advocate for Young Children

Everyday providers and families have concerns about the laws that affect early childhood education.  It is easy to share an opinion but it is vital that we go beyond just talking to become an advocate for young children.

Being an advocate means that you see the issue and you take a proactive approach by gathering with others to come up with alternatives that you can take to the political officials in order to promote change.  As child care employees we are at the front lines of the fight for young children.  We are with them daily and see firsthand the needs of the children and families.  There is no one better equipped to fight for the needs of young children.  Remember, young children cannot advocate for themselves.  Someone needs to speak for them.

Not sure where to begin?  Contact your early childhood professional organization and find out what you can do to help.  There is a lot going on in Ohio in early childhood.  Become an advocate and share your voice.  Now is the time!